2021’s Ultimate Checklist of Must-Have Bedroom Accents


The bedroom makes a perfect place to retire after a busy day. But you won’t have a good rest if the space is not good enough. What many people don’t know about the bedroom is that when it comes to accents, it should never be too little or too overwhelming.

So, what exactly are perfect bedroom accents? This article provides an ultimate checklist of the accents you should never miss in your bedroom in 2021.

2021's Ultimate Checklist of Must-Have Bedroom Accents

Colors Make Perfect Bedroom Accents

Paint continues to be the most preferred and budget-friendly décor for every home. A good paint in your bedroom will add a perfect accent wall that gives your bedroom the calmness it deserves. One thing about painting is that it’s easy to do and you can change it any time when the current color doesn’t attract you anymore.

But colors are not only about painting the walls. You also have to consider the color of other pieces in your room. If you have some bedroom furnishings, choose their colors carefully. Also, consider the color of your beddings so everything blends in well.

Consider Perfect Light Fixtures

Light fixtures such as lamps, chandeliers, and ceiling fans are perfect pieces of décor you should never miss. They will work well for you if you’re doing some bedroom makeover. They also make an ideal accessory that lightens the mood in your bedroom whenever you enter.

If you want to upgrade your bedroom’s look and make it stand out, ceiling mount fixtures and pendant lighting will do. Choosing at least two sources of light will do your bedroom some justice. But don’t forget to give room for natural light from the windows to come inside.

Add a Large Bedroom Mirror

Some people have this misconception that you shouldn’t add a mirror in your bedroom, which is not correct. Having a full length mirror in the bedroom has a unique way of enlarging your space and creating some focal point. Mirrors are also perfect for those homes that have no dressing area.

The mirror doesn’t only add some accent but also creates a beautiful interior frame that makes even the smallest room look bigger. If you put a large floor mirror next to the window, it will reflect the natural light to fill the whole space. Therefore, the mirror is a piece of bedroom accent you shouldn’t forget to include.

Murals for Bedroom Accents

Large murals for bedroom accents make a perfect statement for your bedroom ideas. Murals come in different designs and sizes. They can be large enough to cover the entire wall with different themes such as sunset on a beach.

Something else you’ll love about murals is that they’re easy to install in your bedroom and can give you that perfect outcome. They come with numbers to help you connect easily and are simple peel and stick styles that you can also remove and reposition.

Try a Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpapers have gained popularity over the last years, and they’ve managed to do their work well. A temporary wallpaper in your bedroom will never disappoint as long as you do it right. One thing about wallpapers is that you’re spoilt when it comes to options and your needs are what will define your choice.

Another good thing about wallpapers is that you won’t have to stick with one for a long time. There are many removable options in the market that you can install and change at any time. They come in easy peel-and-stick options that you reposition or change as you wish.

Accent Bedroom Pillows

Pillows make an essential part of your bedroom bedding. But they’re not just any other part of the bedding as they can be a perfect accent. An accent pillow is not the same as a typical pillow that cradles your head when you sleep.

Accent pillows are tasked with creating patterns, texture, and color in your bedroom. Unlike other décor items, pillows don’t cost much. You simply need to buy some linens that add a fresh new look to your home.

Like any other bedroom accent, don’t be too much on the pillows as they can also be too overpowering. You need to know the designs, colors, and patterns that attract you and choose perfect throw pillows.

Try a Virtual Forest

Since the bedroom is where you find peace after all the day time chaos, a virtual forest won’t be a bad idea. There’s always some peace and calmness that comes with a forest setup, and you won’t want to miss that. Make sure you do it so well that you get the feeling of a forest setup whenever you look at it.

Start by choosing your virtual forest colors wisely to fit your bedroom design. Green or light blue colors can make a perfect choice as they bring in that modern look. If you love the wintery look, gray can make a perfect color choice.

Photography and Prints Are Still Perfect

Photographs and prints have been around since time immemorial. But the fact that your grandparents also used them to decorate their bedrooms doesn’t mean you can’t use them as well. Those photographs and prints don’t only work as wall accents, but they’re also essential memories for your family.

Have those beautiful photos in your phone printed and blend them with matching frames to hand on your bedroom walls. You can also go for black and white ready-made prints to add a modern touch to your walls. Don’t forget to include some pieces of artwork that reflect your personality.

Your Bedroom Deserves Some Beauty

If you’ve been concentrating more on decorating the living room area and forgot about the bedroom, then it’s time to rethink. Don’t just concentrate on what other people will see when they enter your home but also what you deserve in your own private space.

Choose any of these bedroom accents and transform the look in that beautiful space. Don’t leave this site if you still need more ideas on making your space a perfect place to live in. We’ve always here to see you transform your home with perfect décor ideas.

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