Enjoy Your Garden, Whatever The Weather

Enjoy Your Garden

While many residents would love to enjoy their garden more often and for longer periods of time, there is one environmental factor that persistently works against such enjoyment: the weather. unpleasant weather, such as rain and wind, can prevent us from going outside while temporarily enjoyable forecasts like sunshine can also become burdensome without appropriate shade to rest in. Potentially harsh conditions, such as wind and frost, can even lead to property damage without necessary precautions being taken.

While the preventative measures and fixes can be quick, affordable, and easy, many residents neglect them and, as a result, gardens become seldom enjoyed areas of the home. To prevent this from happening, and to help homeowners enjoy their garden whatever the weather, we’ve put together the important advice everyone should take.

Ensure Drainage

If water isn’t properly directed in your garden, sudden or heavy rainfall can be incredibly damaging. Water collects and displaces land easily, shifting and destabilising the ground. Then, once it begins to dry, a lawn can be deeply affected. For those homes that are on a slope or with garden outbuildings, this can be especially problematic because loose soil can sink features and even affect foundations.

While correct drainage installation is a job that should be left to professionals, homeowners can easily install protective measures, such as gazebos and various coverings, that will prevent heavy rainfall from ever reaching the garden. Natural features too, such as trees, also work the same way and can even increase the ground’s stability with strong roots.

Robust Furniture

One common garden casualty throughout the year is furniture. Whether they are blown sideways or drenched in rain, weather-worn furniture is unpleasant and prone to damage. There are certain types, however, that can better withstand various climate conditions, such as rattan garden furniture, which retain their great design unlike other, lower quality furniture choices. It is also worthwhile to take cautionary measures with furniture and to tie it down or cover it if you are to expect problematic weather conditions. Doing so can be a chore but will also save you a great deal of money should items need repairing or replacing.

Build A Roof

While residents will want to maintain the essence of being outdoors in their garden space, there are a number of designs that can offer protective covering to a garden without comprising light, warmth, or immersion in nature. Umbrellas are one of the most common features of gardens not only because they are effective, offering shade and protection from rain, but also because they can be easily collapsed too.

However, if you want to embrace your garden space year-round, green coverings and creative roofs, those intertwined with climbing plants and wooden embellishments, are luxury ways to feel cosy outside while still being safe and comfortable whatever the weather.

Stay Warm

Even summer days can lead to cold evenings and few are likely to spend time outside without appropriate warmth. Thankfully, there are a number of ways in which a garden space can keep guests warm. Blankets and soft furniture are perfect for staying snug but it is heat lamps and fire pits that are certain to stave off any chill!

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