Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Home with French Provincial Design


If you’re looking to maximize the space in your home and move out of your cramped apartment, one option you might want to consider is French provincial design. This design style incorporates large spaces in a visually attractive way thanks to the use of straight lines, which can help make a space appear bigger than it actually is. For those reasons, this style makes your home much more marketable when you decide to sell it later on, so it’s worth considering as an investment as well as an upgrade for your lifestyle. Here are some tips for maximizing space with French provincial design.

Provincial Design

A Brief History of French Style

The origins of the French style can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Rome, where large pillars were used to create an illusion of higher ceilings. By using pillars—or column, as they were called then—the Romans were able to add grandeur and prestige to their monuments. In addition, column-based homes allowed Romans easy access between floors. This concept eventually made its way into European architecture during Roman occupation, which is why many people consider France to be one of its earliest adopters.

French Style at Home

The term French provincial design conjures images of chateaus and large, expansive rooms. But what it really refers to is a style that emphasizes clean lines and neutral colors; areas are defined by dividers and open spaces. Famed for its functionality, simplicity and appeal, today’s version of French-style decor incorporates a range of accessories that can add both style and a splash of color to your home. If you are looking for property development Sydney, you can rely on Landen Property PTY LTD.

Tips for Creating a More Elegant Space in Your House

Creating a more elegant space in your house doesn’t have to be hard work. As you add items, remember these tips and make sure you place them carefully. An elegant home is never accidental, but it can be very easy to achieve if you pay attention to detail. Here are some tips from property developers Sydney to help you create an elegant space:

  1. Keep It Clean: Keeping things clean can help any room look like a million bucks, so keep that in mind as you start adding furniture and accessories. If something is dusty or looks like it needs cleaning, take care of it right away so that everything else will look better by comparison.
  2. Use Good Lighting: The right lighting makes all of the difference when trying to create an elegant space, so use lamps on tables or near windows for light without glare.
  3. Don’t Overdo It: Avoid going overboard with patterns or textures; instead, choose one piece at a time and don’t try to cram too much into one room. This can lead to clutter that takes away from the elegance you want to achieve.
  4. Don’t Skimp On Quality: Using cheap materials might save money in terms of initial investment, but they won’t last long and they certainly won’t do anything for your decor goals!

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