10 Autumn Foliage Inspired Home Decoration Ideas


The sky is turning gray. The grass is crispy beneath your feet. The air is chilly.

Autumn is here. But there’s more to see than just the approaching winter.

Leaves are bursting with color. Reds, oranges, and yellows are appearing that you won’t see for another year. Take advantage of these colors and decorate your house with them.

Not sure of how to decorate with fall foliage? Here are ten autumn foliage inspired home decoration ideas.

1. Preserve Autumn Foliage

Autumn will leave, but your leaves don’t have to. Glaze them with Mod Podge to preserve them. Now you can decorate with them year-round.

Once your leaves are dry, you can use them for anything. Use them as centerpieces on tabletops, or make a garland from them.

2. Leaf Bundles

Leaf bundles are a simple way to decorate your house. Gather some fresh branches outside, and spray them with a finish to preserve them. Plop them in a jar, bottle, or bowl.

Vary the height of the branches to give them a more natural look. Group the bundles with objects of different heights to create a visually appealing group of three.

3. Add Glitter

Adding glitter is another simple way to decorate. Mix some glitter with Mod Podge, then coat your leaves. Add several layers to stiffen them.

Place the leaves on a table near sunlight. They will sparkle when put in direct light.

4. Make Prints

You don’t need real leaves to decorate your house. Print out a printable on a sheet of white paper.

You can trace or rub leaves for a similar effect. Hang your art on your wall.

5. Make a Wall Collage

Dry and press your autumn foliage. Then place the leaves against white paper and frame them. Dry several kinds of leaves to make a collage.

You can frame them in exact rows, or you can hang them in an abstract manner. Leaves look better in groups, so make sure you use several kinds of them.

6. Combine With Other Fall Items

Leaves are just one product of fall. Combine foliage with other autumn decorations to create a complete fall feel.

Mount leaves onto white pumpkins. Put fall flowers in your leaf bundles. Make a garland with corn husks and dried leaves.

Go for a walk in the woods. Discover more fall decorations, and bring them into your house.

7. Use With Grays

If you have gray walls or furniture, use leaves to offset them. Hang them from the walls or ceiling to add a splash of color. Make a wreath to add texture to the grays.

8. Garnish

Everyone loves to eat dessert during the cold months. Bake a cake, then line the serving platter with leaves. This is especially effective for white and gray cakes.

9. Place Cards

Bring leaves to your party. Dry them, then use Mod Podge to write peoples’ names on them. They let people know where they sit, and they make for great party favors.

10. Candle Holders

Take out your Mason jars. Glue your dried leaves to them, then light a candle in the jar. The leaves will throw orange and red light across your room.

Improve Your Home

Fall is called fall for good reason. Leaves are falling to us, bringing us their rich colors.

Preserve leaves and hang them from the ceiling, or mount them on your walls for some unique autumn foliage decor. Use them as garnish, centerpieces, and place cards.

Decorations are just one way you can improve your house. Learn more about home improvement by following our cove

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