4 Ways to Increase Parking Lot Safety


Your business’s parking area may not be something you think about a lot, nevertheless, it’s used every single day. Your customers and employees park here all the time, so it needs to be secure and clean. If you haven’t bothered checking your parking lot lately, here are four ways to make it safer.

Increase Parking Lot Safety

1. Repair and Repave

A parking lot that’s riddled with holes is an accident waiting to happen. Potholes are bad for cars, and someone could also take a nasty tumble stepping in one. Your best bet is to contact asphalt paving Pennsylvania and have your lot repaired and repaved.

2. Have It Regularly Swept

Even if your parking lot is brand new, it should be swept a few times a year. Parking lots have a bad habit of accumulating sand, gravel and litter. This makes the area look messy and it can be slippery, too. Sweeping gets rid of dirt, debris and keeps storm drains from getting clogged.

3. Repaint Stripes

Having stripes and arrows repainted on your parking lot makes it look new and keeps people safe. Without stripes, people park anywhere and in no particular order. Stripes keep a parking area neat and give everyone their own space. In addition, arrows keep traffic going the right way and prevent accidents.

4. Increase Your Lighting

If you have evening hours and your parking lot isn’t lit, customers won’t feel safe. Adequate lighting also makes it easier to maneuver a vehicle through the lot. In addition to having overhead lights, make sure walkways and entrances are well-lit and guide the way.

If you haven’t checked on your parking lot recently, head out and give it a quick inspection. Having it mended, paved and thoroughly swept will improve the look of your business and the safety of everyone that visits.

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