5 Easy and Essential Home Protection Hacks


Nearly two-million home burglaries and invasions occur each year in the United States. Many of these burglaries involved violence toward the homeowners. Have you ever wondered what you can do for home protection and keeping your family safe?

This article will explore five ways you can protect a home. These simple steps will provide you with home security that will help keep you from becoming another statistic.

5 Easy and Essential Home Protection Hacks

DIY Home Protection

There are many great alarm systems available on the market today, but securing your home doesn’t always require a lot of money or security experts. You can take provide total home protection with some inexpensive tools and measures you can do yourself.

1. Deadbolt Locks and Strike Plates

Replace any locks on outward-facing doors with deadbolt locks. Make sure they include heavy-duty strike plates with long screws that secure it to the door jamb. A high-quality deadbolt lock will deter most would-be thieves from entering your home.

2. Door Barricade

You can lock down your home in mere seconds with an emergency door barricade. This model from RhinoWare can be engaged by young children or adults and prevents intruders from breaching any door in your home. It also has the technology to notify first responders when it is activated.

3. Use Your Car Keys

This is an interesting security hack that can scare away burglars. If you hear suspicious noises or suspect someone is trying to enter your house while you’re at home, grab your car keys. If your keys include a keyless entry remote, it likely has a panic button.

Press the panic button to sound your car’s horn or alarm. This simple trick can ward off burglars or suspicious people on your property.

4. Use Home Automation to Appear at Home

Home invasions and burglaries are less likely to happen if someone appears to be at home. Use smart outlets and bulbs in your lamps to turn on lights while you’re away. Home automation devices can turn on different lights to give the impression of activity in the home.

5. Know Your Neighborhood

One of the best ways to provide total home protection is to know where and when a crime is happening. Most community police agencies provide up-to-date data on burglaries and other crimes. Use local websites, neighborhood watch apps, or national data websites to research where and when illegal activity occurs, and take steps to protect your home and family.

You Are the First Line of Defense

Home security systems and video cameras may provide an extra layer of protection, but the key to home protection is you. Be vigilant to lock your doors and use high-quality deadbolt locks. Use door barricades to keep intruders out and leave lights on to appear at home when you’re away.

Don’t post on social media when you leave for vacation or when you’re not at home for extended periods. Most of all, know what is happening in and around your neighborhood. Use local crime websites to see where burglaries are happening – knowledge is power.

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