Cost Considerations for Cabinet Refinishing


If you want to update your kitchen, but don’t like the idea of spending a fortune on replacing all the cabinets, consider cabinet painting. Vancouver homeowners can completely update their cabinetry and improve the aesthetics of the kitchen for much less than a replacement or cabinet refacing.

So, how much will it cost to refinish my kitchen cabinets?

The cost of cabinet painting depends on few factors including the size of your kitchen, the number of cabinets and if you choose to do the job yourself or hire a cabinet painter. According statistics collected by, the cost of cabinet refinishing is about $2,400 but can be as low at $1,800 or as high as $2,800. That’s not bad for a new kitchen!

Here is the cost breakdown if you hire a company:

  • Materials and supplies: $200-$3,000
  • Labour: $500-$3,000
  • Total costs: $700-$6,000

Why is there such a wide price range?

Not all kitchens are the same, obviously. Tiny apartment kitchens might have 5 cabinets while large homes could have 20 or more. The more cabinets you need to refinish, the higher the cost will be. The bigger your cabinets are, the higher the cost as well. More cabinets mean it will take longer to sand and paint, increasing labour costs. It also means more supplies are required, increasing the cost of materials.

There is also a variety of finishes to choose from, each coming at a different price. If you’re refinishing wood cabinets but like to just revive theoriginal shade, it will be less expensive than changing the colour completely. There are higher and lower grades of stain as well. Cabinets that get a lot of sun might need a more expensive finish to prevent it from deteriorating.

If your cabinets have an intricate design, it will be more difficult and time consuming to sand each door and drawer front. This will also drive up labour costs.

How much will I save compared to cabinet refacing or replacing?

Cabinet refacing is when you keep your cabinet boxes but replace the doors, drawer fronts and exposed panels with brand new. It’s cheaper than a replacement, but two to three times more expensive than cabinet painting. Expect to pay around $6,300 for cabinet refacing.

For a replacement, you’ll pay much more than that. Even replacing with stock cabinets can cost up to $10,000 for a small kitchen. Go with custom cabinetry and you can pay over $100,000 for a large kitchen. There are benefits to a cabinet replacement, but if you’re working with a budget, cabinet refinishing is the way to go.

How much money will I save doing it myself?

Cabinet refinishing is an involved process, but not impossible for a DIYer. If you are good with a brush and have a little patience, you can save money by doing it yourself. According to the study, homeowners could save up to $3,000 doing the job themselves. However, if you want to save yourself the time and headache and ensure professional results, hiring a reputable painting company is the way to go.

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