How To Change The Code Of Kwikset Smartcode Lock 909?


In today’s world, more and more people are looking for high security to lock the door. Yes, people are searching for the right locking system for their home. Luckily, Kwikset Smartcode lock system is here that help you to safeguard your valuable things. Smart locks are essential and offer noticeable benefits for both commercial and residential purposes. Kwikset Smartcode 909 is one of the most popular electronic locking device in which you need to enter the right code to unlock the door. It is an electronic device in which LED light emissions are available throughout the day. Even if you unlock the system, you have to go inside within 30 seconds otherwise it will lock on own.

kwikset smartcode 909

You can assign 4-8 secret code to unlock the door. At the same time, you can set four secret codes and make 3 as custom features. When you click the “Program” button, you will be asked to set a secret code. After setting the code, you can lock the door with that secret numerical number and go out where you want without any worries! Sometimes, a secret password may be known by other person easily, right? In that course of time, you can reset or change a code on Kwikset Smartcode 909. If you are the one who wants to change your secret code, then read on further to know on how to change code on kwikset smartcode 909!!

How to Change Code on Kwikset Lock?

Knowing how to change code on kwikset smartcode 909 is important. You may set a secret password for your close friend, relatives and kids. at the same time, you need to change a secret code to enhance a security. If someone is aware of about your secret code, then it is the time to change a security code to improve the safety. First, use an Allen twist in order to release the two screws that may attached on each side of the lock. While doing so, you need to pay more attention since you may damage the lock unknowingly.

  • First and foremost, you need to type a secret code to release the door. Once the door is unlock, you need to push the “Program” key. In that, you need to enter a new four digit safety numerical digit that you can memorize effortlessly.
  • Enter the “Lock” key that is situated at the center of the smart lock system. Enter the new password to for the confirmation purpose.
  • Well, you can generate and alter safety code up to 4 users. If you want to assign a secret code for your close friends, you need to press the smart lock code “Program” and assign a four digit secret code for them.
  • After that, type the secret numerical digits on the exterior smart lock board and push the “Lock” key once more. The door will be locked automatically.
  • Repeat the steps to create a unique secret passcode for other users. That’s all, resetting a secret code in Kwikset Smartcode 909 is simple and easy!!

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