If You Are Looking For A Sound Fire Restoration College Station Tx Service, Call Restoration 1


We are full-service property damage restoration specialists in college station tx. We provide many services, including sewage removal, mold cleanup, water damage repair, and fire restoration college station tx. We can return your house or place of business to its previous condition.

Fire Restoration

Opening a Restoration 1 location can be a great way to make money in a necessary sector. There are numerous desirable franchise regions available from this well-known organization.

Water harm

Temporary closure due to property damage is a pricey annoyance for businesses. Restoration 1 can offer commercial restoration services to assist in getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible with a speedy response time and top-notch equipment. They provide sewage cleanup, mold removal, water damage restoration, and other services. Customers in college station tx can get their team’s complete disaster restoration and reconstruction services around the clock.

Remediation of mold

Unusual wetness contributes to the growth of bacteria and mold growth. Inadequate mold remediation can result in odors and structural problems. Mold spores can cause allergies, inflammation, and nose and throat irritation.

Eliminating the moisture source is the first step in mold remediation. Foam tiles and carpets need to be replaced.

Restoration 1 provides sewage cleanup, mold removal, and reconstruction services. They offer free estimates, direct insurance invoicing, and emergency response. Both residential and commercial properties are within scope.

Spill Cleanup

A sewage backup is a significant issue that needs to be resolved immediately, whether brought on by a burst pipe, backed-up sewer, or even rain. Pathogenic microorganisms in sewage can infect humans and animals and cause sickness. Before being reintroduced into the environment, this contaminated water must be treated. Before release, the sewage is cleaned using biological processes in a procedure known as activated sludge.

After the sewage cleanup, ensure the area is dry before returning furniture or personal goods. As mold and mildew flourish in moist environments, this will aid in preventing their growth. Additionally, nearby air filters prevent these toxins from spreading throughout the house.

Disaster recovery company Restoration 1 provides various services, such as biohazard removal, mold remediation, and fire and water damage restoration. The organization collaborates closely with insurance providers to ensure that homes and businesses spend as little as possible on repairs.


Your property must be restored if it has been burned, sooted, or damaged by smoke. The cleanup, disinfection, deodorization, and debris removal are all parts of the restoration process. It also entails locking up and safeguarding any private property. You can be confident that experts will work hard to get your life back on track as quickly as possible, even though restoring a property after a fire can take a long time.

Restoration 1 offers water, mold, and fire restoration college station tx and is a dependable commercial restoration partner in Bryan and College Station. They have the expertise and tools required to get your company back up and running as soon as possible, allowing you to concentrate on your main business activities. They can respond quickly to emergencies and are available to ensure your property is secure and ready for use. Their professionals always have the newest cutting-edge technological methods to clean, dry, and sanitize your property.

Your property is safe and ready for use. Their technicians are always equipped with the latest advanced technology to clean, dry, and disinfect your property.

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