The Best Wooden Dining Table Ideas For 2019


The dining room is the most important place in any house because family members spend the bulk of their time there. It is used for enjoying delicacies and bonding the family members. One of the best methods of helping to make the dining room impressive is using the wooden dining tables. This post brings you the top wooden table ideas for 2019.

Accent the wooden dining table with unique colors

2019 is a year of getting bold. Therefore, you might consider drifting away from the conservative models and adopt the brightly colored accents. A clean round wooden dining table with bright blue upholstered chairs will help to make the room pop.

You can also accentuate the room with funky patterned curtains featuring the same colors. Then, finish the décor with painted dinnerware. No matter the time of the year, the unique colors will make the dining table more impressive and experience enthralling.

To ensure that the colors work more for you, it is advisable to go for a bright outlook around the dining table and stay neutral with the rest of the dining room furniture.

Go for a reclaimed wooden dining table and other furniture 

The growing awareness of the environment has made people get purpose in reclaimed furniture. You cannot be left behind. By selecting a reclaimed wood dining table, you will get a special attachment to the room. It will make you miss the next meal because the table and other reclaimed dining room furniture will always ‘shout’ that “you have made the world a better place than you found it.”

Avoid matching the furniture and décor with the wooden dining table

For years, people have come to believe that matching furniture and décor in the living room is trendy. Though the outlook worked in the past, it is time to molt away and try something new. You can contrast different dining room furniture to bring out your theme and make everyone involved.

  • Consider going for dining chairs of different colors from the dining table
  • Go for a reclaimed Oak dining table and chairs from different eras
  • Contrast the curtains and wall patterns with that of the dining room furniture

Use the wooden dining table together with large mirrors

For those who have small dining rooms, getting the space to work will require looking far than dining tables. Here, the target should be helping to select a perfectly fitting wooden dining table and trying to make the room look bigger. The most recommended method is the mirrors.

Look for big mirrors and position them on the wall in front of the table to make the space look more extensive. In addition to making the dining space look more glamorous, mirrors can also help to bounce light to make the space brighter and more energetic.

Introduce alternative lighting to match with the wooden dining table

If you are used to traditional lamps in the dining room, 2019 is time to go for a more impressive alternative. The first alternative is the chandelier lighting that can help to transform your space into an irresistible dining space. You can also go for the elegant Edison bulbs designed with materials such as Capiz shells.

The final take

While great strides in dining room furniture designs were achieved up to the period ending in 2018, you can make 2019 a better option by trying something new.

Always remember that even as you implement the above or new suggestions for your space with wooden dining tables, it is prudent to pick the highest quality pieces. It is also crucial to be guided by the size of your dining space and factor the preferences of those who will use it.

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