Tips To Choose Ideal Paint Colour for Your Home


The mood that you want to achieve for each room is crucial to remember. You can’t paint the same colour on all of the walls in your home. The correct kitchen paint colours aren’t exactly the shades you’d like in your bathroom. The living room will look best in white and grey, while the dining room calls for brown, beige, and cream, while neutrals are still a safe option. You can get suggestions from your painters in Bondi Junction.

Tips To Choose Ideal Paint Colour for Your Home
An open floor plan with the dining area open to the living room. The wall in the dining area has cool wall colored vertical stripes that have been painted.

For each room, here are a few specific suggestions:

Living Room

Pick a colour that’s cheerful and easy on the eyes, like green, for the space that encourages the most socializing. As long as the colour is not too vivid and rough on your vision, this is also a room where you have the choice to go bold.


The kitchen, while emitting productive and energetic vibes, should feel cheerful and welcoming. So carefully select the shades of yellow and orange that works well.

Dining Room

The trick is to make your dining room look formal without getting too stuffy or uninviting. The answer could be striking colours with brown traces, such as olive green or dark orange.


Bedrooms justify colours that make the room feel luxurious and intimate. Reds and violets are perfect, but they work well with many colours.

Kid’s Room

Don’t make the mistake of believing that when designing your child’s room, you must choose blue and pink. More often than not, the colour scheme is determined by the theme of the room, anything from jungle exploration to princesses.


Stick with something pale when it comes to painting colours for bathrooms that won’t be jarring when you visit in the morning or right before bed. Mint green would look fine, but if you don’t need the living room to be recurring, then blue is another soothing colour.

Home Office

You want to evoke a feeling of focus in your home office. To improve your concentration, mix gaudy colours with neutrals and mark them a little understated. In home offices, deep purple or greyish green can operate well.


Think of it as a secondary living room if you have a finished basement. You can choose paint colours that are as bold as upstairs with windows to shed light on the space, but you should choose pale versions of the colours otherwise.

With the rooms inside your home, your painting efforts shouldn’t end. There’s also your garage’s interior and exterior to consider. Plus, all parts of the equation are your roof shingles, siding or deck, and other architectural details. Ask yourself if you want it to blend in or stand out when selecting what colour to coat your garage exterior. You can also get the help of your painter in Bondi Junction to choose the right paint colour. Paint it the same colour as your house if you need to modulate an extended garage or the door itself is not that appealing. This has the additional advantage of making your home look larger.

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