What Makes a Great Spa? A Client’s Perspective


Whenever you are running any kind of business, it is always important to consider the customer’s perspective. This perspective helps you deliver services and produce products that your customers will love to try. The same applies if you are running a salon or a spa. Nowadays, people are going to spas to improve their physical appearance. In the current beauty market, the businesses that stand out are not those that offer expensive services. It is the ones that understand their customers, respect them and put their interests at heart. The only way you will provide what your clients want from the spa is by operating from their point of view. According to a client, the following are things that a good spa comprises.

A High Level of Cleanliness

This is a major deal and should be a priority for every spa. If you are running a spa, there must be high standards set for the staff on how to keep the environment clean and fresh. Remember, people come to the spa to relax, and unless you offer the best hygiene, they cannot get this benefit. Cleanliness involves every sector. If you have a Jacuzzi, you must ensure it is thoroughly cleaned to ensure the clients can enjoy it. Look for natural pool treatment options for you to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe for the users. Make sure your space is not cluttered. The cleanliness of your spa is an indication that you respect your customers and put great value on your business.


If a person goes out for a spa day, they expect to go back home feeling better than they left. So, you have a big responsibility of ensuring their safety, and this element is not negotiable. Make your spa equipment safe by sterilizing them and remind your clients that their safety is your priority. Assure them that they will not come into contact with infections, fungus, or anything else that will harm their health. Before you open the business, make sure you have purchased equipment that will help you sterilize anything necessary like towels, tools for pedicures, hairdressing, and manicure.

Excellent Communication

Excellent communication is another crucial aspect that builds a good image of the business. So the staff must be good communicators and ready to assist your clients every time they need help. Your professionals should be able to explain to your clients the steps of treatment and what they expect as the results. Customers should feel comfortable and relaxed when they come to your spa. So, ensure your staff has gone through training and is experienced enough to answer any question the client may have. All these should be done with a big smile.


You do not have to break a bank to do big things for your clients. It is the small details that matter to them. For instance, provide basic things like coffee, Wi-Fi, clean towels, and such. Your client may want a treatment that can take more than two hours. So, invest in great and comfortable chairs. Once the clients notice the basic things and feel that you care about them, they will be more than willing to come back and spend more dollars at your spa.


Running a spa requires you to recognize what your clients love and work towards delivering that. By having a great spa, you will be fulfilling the main purpose of taking a spa day for your customers. So, use the above elements, and you will be in for a great experience.

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