What You Need to Know About Acacia Furniture


You prefer wood when it comes to indoor or outdoor furniture because they look so natural, rustic and stylish. In recent years, The Acacia Tree Furnitures gained popularity because they are considered good quality solid woods. Here are the things that you need to know about acacia furniture:

Where is it from?

Acacia is a type of wood that grows in Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. In fact, acacia originated in Australia and it presents more than 1000 varieties of acacia trees. It is considered a hardwood, which makes it suitable for logs, timber, and creation of sturdy furniture pieces like tables, chairs and other home items.

What are the properties of acacia furniture?

You should know what makes acacia wood distinct from other types of woods through its properties. The properties of acacia wood include:
• Color: the natural color of acacia wood ranges from light brown to dark red.
• Weight: acacia wood is kind of heavy. After air-dried, it has gravity in the range of

0.60 to 0.75. This means that it is quite dense.
• Grain pattern: acacia wood differs from other woods because of the appearance. Acacia wood can develop a flame-like or wavy grain patterns.
• Texture: the acacia wood has a fine texture. This means that it has a smooth finish, which adds to the aesthetic appearance of furniture pieces. It is also a good material for creating other decorative woodwork. When you touch it, it feels smooth as a silk.
• Durability: when compared to teak wood, acacia wood does not last long but it still has better durability when compared to other woods.
• Moisture content: an air-dried acacia mood has a moisture content of around 12%. This means that a well-seasoned acacia wood will last longer without bending or shrinking.
• Strength: since acacia is a hardwood, it is understandably strong. Aside from decorative works or making furniture, acacia tree is extremely useful for doing light construction work.

With these, acacia is an excellent choice especially for people who are looking for a solid teak wood alternative. For more information, you should visit https://theacaciatree.com.au/.

How about its cost?

The key selling points of acacia products are water resistance and durability. In fact, it is praised because it is quite resistant to scratches, unlike other wood species. The huge advantage of any acacia furniture is its lower cost. If you are looking for outdoor furniture, acacia wood is three times less than the similar teak wood furniture cost.

There will always be a trade-off. The trade-off is the reduced life of the furniture. With this, it is crucial that you observe regular cleaning. Do not forget to apply protective coatings, which will help the acacia furniture last longer especially when used outdoors.

How is it maintained?

As mentioned earlier, if you want your acacia furniture to last longer, you should observe regular cleaning. Keep in mind that acacia wood does not do well if left untreated and continuously exposed to elements. Applying protective coatings should be prioritised like teak oil to keep it polished and good looking.

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