3 Tips to Clean Up Your Storage Spaces

closetmaid storage shelves

It is easy for closets, cabinets, and pantries to get cluttered. You stick items in these areas and quickly forget about them until they add up to a big mess. For a long-term solution, try closetmaid storage shelves. This kind of system, in addition to the tips below, can turn your storage area into a showcase.

1. Use Boxes and Bins

Take those small items that are sitting around such as jewelry and scarves and tuck them into a pretty container. Stack these on a shelf instead of shoving individual things into a drawer. This will make your favorites easier to find and use instead of forgetting about them when they really could have come in handy.

2. Pare It Down

Don’t be afraid to get rid of items that you no longer use! Take your old sweaters and pants that you don’t wear and donate them to a charity. Someone can get some great use out of an item you don’t want anymore. If you have things that are damaged and can’t be repaired, throw them away. Besides making sense, this gives you space to treat yourself to a few new treasures.

3. Vacuum Seal It

Take your clothes that are out of season and store them in vacuum seal bags until the weather changes. These are available at many retailers, or you can order them online. They take drawers worth of items and compress them into a package that takes up considerably less room. This is also a great option for bedding that you aren’t using or even stuffed animals.

Get the most out of your storage spaces. You’ll feel better looking into a closet that’s clean and tidy and not having to root through piles to find that one jacket you want to wear. Taking a little bit of time now will make your life easier in the long run.

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