How Your Business Will Benefit from Commercial Cleaning Cloths and Equipment


Hotels, restaurants, gyms, schools, day-care, hospitals, offices and retail stores that look neat and clean are bound to be good for business. Glasses on swing doors, windowpanes, countertops, work stations, floors, etc. that look clean and pristine are achievable if you use commercial cleaning cloths and equipment.

Commercial Cleaning Cloths

The commercial cloths and equipment are tailored according to the cleaning surface and requirements and so cleaning cloth for windows will be lint free.

Traditional versus commercial cloths

Traditional cleaning products and rags used in cleaning surfaces or floors leave marks, chemical residues and streaks on surfaces. Cleaning equipment company Tiddox told us that commercial cleaning cloths are durable and absorbent and have a knack for picking up the tiniest particle of dirt and removing stains thoroughly with just a few swipes.

Customers get a poor impression if your commercial establishments look smeary and dull unlike a place that is gleaming and which looks sharp and ready for business. The finger marks, smeary surfaces will likely drive away potential customers unlike a place that is free of infections and which looks neat and clean.

Ready for use materials

Microfiber cleaning cloths keep glass, computer screens and desk surfaces shining clean. Commercial cloths are made in a way that it eliminates the use of pressure or grinding. Some cloths require only cold water and are safe-use cloths.

Your staff will be happy to clean surfaces when no toxic chemicals are required to be used. Then there are the wet wipes that are already ready for use with the right concentration and requires no mixing so workers simply take the wipe and begin cleaning. A well maintained, clean, safe and disinfected environment is a place customers would definitely like to visit again and again.

Customized equipment

Much like commercial cleaning cloths the commercial equipment like walk behind scrubbers can be used to clean out the more difficult areas. Since the scrubbers are equipped with rotary tanks and steel brush head, they are capable of cleaning shops, bars, restaurants, office cubicles etc.

Most commercial cleaning equipment is compact enough to clean narrow and difficult to reach places. If you have outdoor spaces attached to your commercial establishments like in hotels, schools and hospitals you could make good use of manual sweepers for removing leaves, stones, glass, cigarette stubs, paper, empty cans, etc. This cleaning equipment can be used on all surfaces be it concrete, asphalt, tiles and even compound stones. 

Easy to use equipment

Most commercial cleaning equipment is lightweight and easy to use and store away. The commercial cleaning equipment, like scrubbers work with both electricity or battery and are either walk behind or ride on. Sweepers run on battery, diesel and fuel.

Carpet extractors are truck mounted and portable. Vacuum cleaners are available in backpack style pull along and upright vacuums for both dry and wet cleaning, Floor polishers and steam cleaners all ensure that your business does not suffer because of smears, dust or spots to mar your impression with customers.

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