Before you replace your roof, here are five things you should know!


The roof is, without a doubt, the most critical part of your home. It does, after all, keep water out of the structure. Although no one enjoys paying to repair a roof, the critical and aesthetic role it serves should help mitigate the cost. You want to make sure the job is done correctly for that kind of money. Here’s what you need to go through.

Look around.

Some roofers are unconcerned with customer satisfaction because roof replacement is a once-in-a-few-decades task, so they don’t have to rely on repeat company. Furthermore, many homeowners (mistakenly) choose their roofer based on price, and many roofing contractors employ low-wage staff to produce the lowest possible bids. All of this is to suggest that you must be highly cautious about who you recruit.

Get rid of the old.

On your roof, you’re allowed to have two layers of asphalt shingles, so if you have one now, you can have a new layer added right on top. If you live in a cold environment, removing the old roof allows the contractor to add ice and water cover, a rubber membrane that prevents leaks at the eaves if ice forms. 

If you can see original wood shingles on the underside of your roof when you’re up in the attic, you’ll need to take it off and install new plywood decking in addition to tearing it off. Calvert county roofing companies can help you with this task!

Go for the top shelf.

Choose high-quality items to ensure you never have to worry about your roof again—and to give you some selling points when it’s time to sell. Copper flashing, the most durable metal for sealing the joints where a roof meets a wall or another ceiling, can add a few dollars to the cost.

Keep an eye on the documents.

Roofing entails a considerable amount of responsibility and money for such a fast job—two to five days, depending on the roof’s size and design. 

Three documents are required:

1) For a roofing project, most towns need a construction permit; this will help ensure that the contractor meets the building code. Also, if you don’t get the approval, it will void the roof warranty.

 2) A written contract that outlines all of the project’s agreed-upon details, goods, and costs. 

3) A letter from the roofer’s insurance carrier, addressed to you, stating that the project is covered under the roofer’s worker’s compensation and liability agreement.

Wait until you see the magnet before paying.

Contractors have a method that makes it simple to pick these up: a large magnet on wheels that they roll around the yard to catch the fallen fasteners and prevent flat tires or accidents. Staff, on the other hand, don’t always remember to carry it to the job site. When your roofer comes by for the final payment, ask him to take the magnet and do the honours while he’s there if you see nails around (you’ll know).


If a roof is in frequent need of repair, it is most likely due to its material. Rather than continuing to spend money on maintenance, it could be more cost-effective to do so. Also, such materials would be less expensive to maintain while a contractor is working on them.

Hiring experienced roofers in Calvert County, MD, can take away most of your hassle. They can help you with the material selection task and make the entire roof replace a seamless experience. 

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