Recycling with Skip Hire – Common Waste Materials to Recycle


Every home and commercial buildings produce wastes every day so there is no doubt why there are communities or countries that are experiencing issues on collecting as well as disposing of these. Indeed, the government usually sends trucks to collect bags of rubbish according to the given schedule but some want to remove rubbish with skip services in their area. Since garbage collection is not set daily, let’s say that the others want their bins empty at all times for a waste-free environment because this also produces bad odor at times.

Due to excess production of garbage, people have learned to recycle wastes to come up with a new product or material and to simply reuse them. Even young kids are taught in school so that they can learn to segregate the recyclables from the perishable ones, which is a good practice for the younger generation. But another thing that we have to incorporate here is discipline and being organized because when all these pieces of garbage are mixed up, ample time is needed to sort them out, which is quite a tough job for the people in-charged.

Let’s say that skip services may do the segregation but as concerned citizens, we should give a little consideration and help them in small ways even if they are paid for such a job. We all know that landfills are already a problem because tons of containers are collected every day and that situation is not good for the environment and health risk as well. Therefore, let’s try our best to help in segregation, proper waste disposal, and use recyclable materials so that we can contribute to reducing this global issue.

What skip services do after collecting rubbish?

After collection, they have to isolate these so it should not put public health and the environment at risk since exposure to wastes may contaminate land, air, and water which can lead to diseases. This means that the trash will undergo treatment indoors with the right facilities and to be ready for recycling. But before that, these must be sorted, separated, and differentiated into categories, such as paper, bottle, wood, plastic, metal, and aggregates as well – go to more details on what we can and can’t recycle.

In the treatment, skip companies use different means to transfer and move the garbage to the storage or from one spot to another. This includes compaction, shredding, and screening, depending on the material or nature of the isolated rubbish to be treated.

When treatment is complete, they need to collect these for further treatment and will be moved for recycling. Anything that cannot be re-used shall be sent to the landfill areas. Since these are already treated, it would then be safer for the environment.


I supposed, you surely know how many plastic bottles you used every day whenever you drink water, cola, juice, and other beverages so it is obvious that this is often found in your garbage bags. Some of these plastic bags are coming from the packaging of snacks you eat like chips, disposable food containers, cosmetic or toiletry bottles, and a lot more. You will notice that most of the things we use in and out of the house are usually packed with this material.

Bottles made of plastic are often recyclable so it has to be separated using a handling machine. It will then be treated, cleaned, and sorted for processing. After that, this will be shredded, melted, and molded as a new item.


We always throw paper after writing on them or when it is old and just a scrap but this is also recyclable so it must be separated as well. In the recycling process, the paper is mixed with chemicals and water to fully break it into tinier pieces.

And then, this mixture will form cellulose to come up with a pulp. This will be rolled until a paper is formed again. You may check this out to try this at home.


When the skip services are hired to pick up rubbish from industrial establishments or factories, they usually throw metal scraps, such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and bronze. But this can still be recycled so it has must be separated using radiation detectors. After that, it will be sheared on hydraulic machines to cut it down into pieces and through magnetic drums, nonferrous and ferrous metal scraps will be separated.

Some metals need further processing so these will be moved to a steel mill. From there, it could be processed as a raw material or as a finished product.


If you are managing a construction company or have a renovation project at home, then you will need skip services to collect scrap and old woods. You may still reuse them, especially when you enjoy DIY projects but if this is not your line, you better send it off because it would be useful to other people. For example, they may cut this into different sizes and shapes to form a new design for lampshades, racks, and decors.

Most recycling facilities shred the wood to come up with chipboards and sheets. They will put this into layers using adhesives or natural saps. Some manufacturers use these materials in making tables, chairs, beds, sofas, and other furniture.

These are just a few of the things that you can do and it only shows that recycling wood is important and helpful in many ways. Pretty sure that you can do other things from this material and that will depend on how creative or artistic you are.

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