Wonder Mill Grinder – High-Speed Microburst


Cooking has always been an interesting subject for everyone. It’s interesting to make new food every day and taste it. You can make one simple food in many ways. It depends on your creativity and imagination. Some schools have cooking as an optional subject. It is not only famous with women but with men also. They are also competing for neck to neck and making delicious food. It becomes too difficult when you have to grain everything with your hands. Isn’t it? But there is no issue. We have options, right? With the development of technology, a grinder is a must buy in every home as it makes our cooking easier. I will be discussing Wonder Mill grinder in brief.

Wonder Mill Grinder


  • With 1200 watt motor, it is the most powerful grinder
  • Made with high-speed microburst, it can grain any strong kernel into flour.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel milling and easy to operate
  • The self-cleaning system with sound reduction
  • Dust-free performance
  • Hopper holds 8 cups of grain and flour bowl holds 16 cups of grain.


With this extremely high-speed milling, you can grind wheat, rice and small grains. It can also make gluten-free flours such as brown rice, soy, millet, beans, corn and many more. With its powerful motor, you can grind 100lbs of flour per hour. There is no sound when you grind. It is easy to use, compact and lightweight. Heat suppressing mechanism keeps this grinder ahead in the game. You can grind wheat at room temperature. After cleaning with a dry cloth, your mill will be ready again to use. With this fastest and quietest grind mill, you can make fine or coarse flour so that you get the exact flour for your food. Its adjustment knob provides you with the exact setting you want. It depends on your needs. This Wonder Mill grinder makes your mill better as you want. Designed in the US, it’s manufactured in China and it is affordable for everyone.

How to use

It’s very easy to use. You just need to pour the flour, cover the lid and turn the machine on. There is no difficulty in using it. You can turn off the knob during milling or you can turn it on to continue milling. With the self-cleaning mechanism, it automatically cleans itself. So you don’t need to worry about that. There is an optional flour bagger accessory which you can use to transport or freeze flour grinding straight into the bag.


The most overlooked part of our cooking is the nutrients we use to make a dish. If you don’t mix the material properly or if it is not crushed smoothly, your food will be devastating. To make a delectable mill, you need to grind all the nutrients at a proper process. A grinder can help you to do this task easily .Whether you want a grinder which is light, heavy use Wonder Mill can be your suitable choice. With its powerful features, you can use it yet you are a professional or an amateur.

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