Five Popular Home Additions for 2021


A lot of crazy events happened last year. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic many people were forced to stay home and retreat from their normally active lifestyle.

People were forced to stay at home and wear face masks and other protective gear to avoid getting infected. At the same time, major lay-offs were happening left and right. People had to work at home. Students were in the same situation. Both parties had to work or study using digital devices like laptops, phones, cameras, etc. Only people who were frontlines and in technical fields were allowed to work outside because of necessity.

Nowadays, it’s laxer as the corona panic is getting calmer, and people have acclimated to the new normal. As the status quo changes, so do people and their homes. Houses were modified and prepped last year to prepare for the pandemic. These changes carried over to 2021.

When considering a home addition, remember that time sometimes equals money, so you may be better off hiring a good contractor to help that can get the job done faster and probably better than you could have. We found a terrific home addition contractor in the Mountain View-Sunnyvale area that created a wonderful new room for our growing family.

Now let’s take a look at five home additions that became popular in 2021:

Multifunctional Workspaces

As mentioned earlier, because of the pandemic, many people’s work environment had changed. More and more people take up remote positions to fill the company resources gap. In 2021, there will be more demands for home offices that allow for comfortability and, at the same time, emulate office productivity.  Christian Adams, CEO, and co-founder at Repair Pricer believes that bedroom modifications that turn them into offices or entire office rooms built on empty land will increase by 2021. These modifications include multifunctional spaces and furniture that can function as both a living space and for work purposes.

Greener Homes

As the quarantine is still in effect, people who mostly spend their time at home often get bored. Houses slowly change the atmosphere as more and more people search for ways to make a garden. This sudden growth in popularity for gardening isn’t all just about beautification. People become interested in vegetable planting, growing their food in front of their homes and the backyard.

The Rise of Fun Rooms

If we were talking about boredom, that could only mean people are looking for more ways to play. In 2020, there was a sudden rise in the interest in rooms designed specifically for entertainment and recreation. The trend is still popular even in 2021. Interior designs become more colorful and chicer. People add recreational equipment from digital interests like PlayStations and computer rigs to games that demand physical activity like bowling alleys and 3D Rigs.

Smart Homes are the Future

As hard as it is to live in a post-Covid world, people are becoming more interested in Smart Homes. Furniture that you can remotely control and use is the latest fad. Controlled through an AI that can be accessed by the user’s biometrics, you can heat the tub from the living room with smart homes. You can even make a tweet from your fridge!

Bigger Bathrooms and House Pools

The current status quo has left people missing beaches or doing things they once did. It also caused the sudden influx of people who stay in their homes. This can be a big change, especially for a family home with lots of members. In 2021, people have opted to make bigger bathrooms and build private pools further to accommodate the family’s recreational and sanitary needs.

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