How Circuit Breakers Protect Your Home


Each year hundreds, occasionally 100s of fires are started in houses around Singapore as a result of bad in electrical wiring.


This reality adds onto emergency electrical services professionals who constantly advise us of the requirement to call an electrical expert to examine your house often. Spending $100 to have a wiring examined is similar to an insurance coverage that can ensure your family members’ security as well as give additional defence for your most significant monetary asset, your home.

A fuse box or circuit breaker protects the electric circuits in your home, so it is essential to inspect them regularly. Generally found in the garage or on the outside of the house, you can open up the box and look for indications of abnormality, like the voltage analysis 0. Various other, much more obvious indications of electric wiring problems includes damages to cords within package. If you see any concerns or damage you should call an electrical contractor promptly.

How do Circuit Breakers Work?

2 things need to occur in order for a breaker to perform its function. Firstly, it needs a means of establishing if the quantity of current goes beyond the safe levels of the circuit. Second of all, a component must exist to shut down electric flow as soon as this takes place.

Fuse Circuit Breakers

The most basic type of breaker that your house could have installed is the fuse. A fuse can be explained as a slim cable that is enclosed in a housing and is attached to the circuit. When the circuit’s button is turned on, all charge moves through the fuse, implying that it transports the exact same current as the rest of the circuit.

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As a slim wire, the fuse will heat up and disintegrate when too much current goes through it. When the cable is charred, the circuit ends up being broken which means that no electric power can travel through it. This efficiently prevents the excess current from harming some other part of your residence’s circuit circuitry.

Electromagnet Circuit Breakers

Electromagnet based breaker carry out the very same purpose as fuses but can be used many times. Essentially a switch of sorts, this kind of breaker contains a hot wire which is linked to both sides of the switch and to an electromagnet. When in “on” position, the circuit breaker enables electrical energy to flow through the circuit.

Nonetheless, when the current in the circuit leaps to hazardous levels, the electric energy will adequately magnetize the electromagnet. Upon which, the electromagnet will be strong enough to take down the switch, and eliminating its link with the circuit. As soon as this is done, the circuit is broken, and no electric energy and travel through it.

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