What Causes Ice Dams In Your Gutters?

Ice Dams In Your Gutters

Every time the temperature drops below freezing your gutters are put at risk from an invisible but deadly enemy — ice dams. It can be difficult to differentiate ice dams from standard clogs, but left unchecked, they can destroy your gutters from within, leaving you far more vulnerable than you realize the next time a storm hits. That’s why here at Gutter Empire we’re committed to bringing you affordable, thorough gutter cleaning in Portland so you never have to worry about the health of your home.

But what causes ice dams in the first place? When it’s cold enough that water freezes, snow and ice will gather on your roof. Most of this melts simply from the ambient heat of your home — but not all of it. The edges are often protected enough from the heat that ice can build up here, forming ridges and icicles known as a dam. As more water melts it drains toward the still-frozen edges where it re-freezes, stopping water from actually draining off of your roof.

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And what’s along the edges of your roof? That’s right, your gutters, the ideal environment in which ice dams can form. Clogged gutters are even more at risk of forming ice dams, and when ice dams get big enough, they can rupture your gutters, tear them off your home’s siding, and fall on unsuspecting people below.

If you suspect your home’s gutters are being damaged by ice dams, then don’t wait until your home pays the price — and you have to pay thousands of dollars to fix it. Annual gutter cleanings should be your first line of defense against ice dams that destroy your gutters from the inside out. Visit our website or give Gutter Empire a call today to get a free estimate and find out how you can keep your gutters free of deadly ice dams!

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