Is Your Home Leaking?


A simple question for you to consider, look into and answer – “is your home leaking?”. According to numerous studies in the home insurance industry, the biggest cause behind home insurance claims each year is related to water damages. As such, it should not surprise you to find that your home is housing some form of hidden leakages. In particular, if it has not received adequate detail for its waterproofing systems, then you can expect leaks in the aftermath of a storm.

This is particularly difficult to ascertain as the presence of water in hidden spaces in your home is not always visible. Moreover, their effects take time to show up, meaning that by the time they are discovered, major damage may have already being dealt to your structure.

Nonetheless, where possible do look out for the following signs and symptoms of water leakgaes.

Investigating Pipe Leakages

Usual in-house water leaks consist of that of pipe leakages which occur because of too much internal stress or a misalignment in the pipe. This is particularly so if human hair or food waste is constantly being drained into the pipes.

If you see that your water bills have been rising without good reason, then it is high time to conduct an investigation. A fast test that you can carry out for pipe leakages would be to switch off water system in your home prior to observing your water metre for an hour approximately. If there are significant alterations, then it is likely because of a pipe leak in your house.

To prevent pipe leaks, we advise proactively stopping any particles from entering your drainage pipes. Do install safety nets and filters to block the drainage of foreign debris.

Check your Attic

For private properties, attic rooms are the highest most floor of your home, discovered right beneath your ceiling. Considering that your ceilings are one of the most vulnerable external surface area of your house,sheltering it from weather elements such as rain and wind, it ought to be not a surprise that they are the most prone to water infiltration. Therefore, your attic would be a location in your house where you will most likely locate evidence of leakages.

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When assessing your residence’s attic, keep in mind to bring a torchlight in order to easily recognize damp areas with mould or algae. Conversely, you should additionally watch out for any kind of wet places or be alert to musky scents within the space. Ought to you find any kind of wet areas, make sure to make a label so that waterproofing service providers can inspect it while repairing your roof leakage.

Other General Checks

Naturally, if you see any water droplets forming on the surface of a dry area of your home, or any cracks appearing in the structure, then you should be immediately alarmed. This is indicative of a fairly advance stage of water leakages, requiring you to immediately get in touch with professional repair services.

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