How to Fix Air Lock Pipes


Air locks in your plumbing systems can be frustrating. They can stop water from flowing properly through your plumbing pipes due to air bubbles. If not fixed, they can even cause clogs and overflows. You can always call a professional plumber if you are unsure what to do, but here are some do it yourself tips to try at home first!

Use a Hosepipe

To clear air locks out of your pipes with a hosepipe, first, attach the hosepipe to the tap that has the air lock. Connect it to the valve and wrap the other end to a tap that is working properly. Make sure that the seal is not broken as you don’t want water pressure or air to escape.

Next, pull the hose up as tight as you can onto the valve and turn the bad valve on. Then, turn on the tap that works. Water should fill the hose creating pressure in the tap that isn’t working. The pressure will work its way to break apart the air bubble.

This might take a few minutes but will eventually work most of the time. However, if that doesn’t work, we have another option!

Open All Faucets

To easily create pressure in your plumbing pipes to help shake the air lock out, open ALL sink faucets, even the showerheads. Run the water for several minutes to create pressure.

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This will work all of the pipes in your home and increase the chance of breaking up the air bubble in hard to get to areas in your plumbing pipes.

Washing Machine Approach

If you have an automatic washing machine with hot and cold water connections, this is the perfect way to get rid of air bubbles in your pipes.

Turn off the valve for both inputs, the cold and the hot. Make sure to disconnect the hoses and connect a hosepipe to the valves. Then, turn on the hot water valve and the cold water valve. Leave them on for at least 30 seconds.

This will add pressure to help break air pockets up. Then close up the valves and reconnect the hoses!

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