Bagan balloon


Do you need any new ideas to plan your next holiday? You want to do something different than you ever did before in your leisure time and now you want to experience something more than this?

If you are prepared for the adventure of your life, you should make some research in order to find out more details about Bagan, the ancient city which has over 3000 pagodas, each one with their unique aspect and details. The most popular activity made there is flying with hot air balloons.

If you want to have an unique experience and see the most wonderful landscapes with the ancients temples and the other flying balloons in the air over you, it is now possible to book your seat on the balloon basket until all the spots are filled up. Also you should be aware of the fact that the proper period for flying with hot air balloons starts on 10th October and ends on 10th of April and during this month all the balloon rides are made in the sunrise. The cold air in the mornings give the balloons the possibility to fly closer to the city and have a detailed view of the pagodas. Also, this is the best moment for amateur and professionist photographers to take their best shots due to the calm and soft light.

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After completing the booking, you don’t need to do anything else, just relax and enjoy the view. At around 5:00-5:30 in the morning our staff will come to your accommodation to pick you up and arrange your transfer to the landing spot. While the balloon is being prepared, you will have some free time to drink coffee and have a snack before the flight. After the take off you just need to embrace and admire the breathtaking view on those 3 hour of flying above the city. After the landing, you will be served with champagne, and in case you chose the offer with full breakfast included, you will taste the gourmet Asiatic breakfast right near the landing spot. Moreover, when the flight is done, everyone will receive their issued flying certificate and also the photos taken during the flight.

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Depending on how many people want to have this Bagan balloon ride, the company has a large fleet of balloons with baskets which can transport from 8 to 16 passengers. This detail will make the most difference from the Standard and the Premium ride. Also, the advice from the staff is to plan your holiday with every event with a plan B due to the weather changes, because a bag weather can force the team cancel the flight.

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