Tips on Choosing Perfect Chandeliers for Your Home


Lightings always enhance the ambience of your home. Especially when you choose statement chandeliers, it brings the extraordinary glamour and becomes the focal point and steals the show.

Nowadays lighting options are available in different range of prices and styles, from traditional to contemporary styles. Choose from ceiling lamps, pendant lights, wall scones and light strips to decorate your home. Consider the amount of light you will need depending on the room while buying the lightings.

If you need better chandelier knowledge have a look at the blogs on where you will get the idea for choosing the best lighting for your dining room, bed room, staircase and other rooms. You can also buy statement chandeliers that suit your taste, at affordable prices.

Here are some lighting ideas for your home décor.

Dining Room Chandeliers

When you choose chandeliers for your dining room, make sure it is 12 inches narrower than your dining table and there is enough space around the chandelier for breathing. There should be enough gaps between the table and the chandelier to avoid bumping.

The chandelier will be the crown jewel on your dining table if you choose the best chandelier, taking into consideration the ceiling height, dining table width and other factors.

Raindrop chandelier that comes in different sizes and shapes like sphere and rectangular add glamour to your dining room.

Also, you can hang pine cone lights that provide you enough lighting on your dining table. It comes with gold frame. You can also hang two of these pine cone lights in a row for a striking effect. This can also be used for kitchen pendent lighting.

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3D colorful glass firework art pendent lights will be stunning in your dining room, kitchen and even in foyer. It comes with the adjustable cable and the color changes between blue and pink depending on the light you use.

Create ambient setting with casting the right amount of light in your dining room.

Bed Room Lighting

When it comes to bed room, the lighting should be soft so that it helps relax your mind and body.

Five and seven tier crystal chandeliers that comes with clear and brown color crystals provides warm colors to your bed room. You can get it customized either with gold finish or black or nickel finish that will go well with your other home décor.

Living Room Lighting

When choosing the chandelier for your living room or entryway, consider two to three inches of chandelier height for every foot of ceiling height.

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Modern rectangular dream artistic glass design chandelier will be point of attraction when you hang it in your living room or foyer. It comes with brass base and you can adjust the chain length according to your need.

Luxury Style one ring crystal chandelier will be real eye-catcher in your living room. It comes in three different base sizes and depending on the bulbs you use your get brighter or dimmer lights.

Whatever chandelier you choose, either traditional or contemporary it should compliment your room space perfectly.

With these tips it will be easier for you to choose the perfect lighting for your home décor.

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