How Much Does a Rug Cost? The Prices Explained


Most homeowners spend an average of $3.50 to $11 per square foot for new carpet installation. This amounts to an average of $1651 for most rug installation projects.

“How much does a rug cost?” This is the first question every homeowner asks before buying a new rug. The truth is that there is a rug for every price quote, and so, the exact answer boils down to what you need and where you buy it.

This guide will discuss the main rug categories according to their pricing. The article will also look into the main determinants for the average rug cost. Keep reading to know what to expect before you go shopping.


$25 and Below Rugs

Rugs in this category are usually small in size and may not fit in an entire room. They are the best when you only need a bedside rug, a kitchen rug, or a doormat. You can stand on them when cooking, washing, or even applying your makeup.

You can also place them on your house’s entryways for people to wipe off their dust as they get into the house. The quality of these carpets may not be excellent, but they still serve their purposes well.

$25 To $100 Rugs

Rugs in this category are the most popular. They are heavyweight compared to the less than $25 category rugs; plus, they have a fancier appearance.

The size of rugs under this pricing category lies between 5×8 and 8×10. You can use them in any room of your house, including the dining room.

$100 To $1000 Rugs

Most rugs under this category are hand-woven and not machine-made. They are beautiful, heavy, and may have custom made features. Also, you can find any carpet size under this category, starting from size 9×12.

$1000+ Rugs

These are high- end carpets. They are rarely used due to their high price quote. They are common in offices, formal rooms and other places which have less traffic. Some people use them as part of their art display, especially when they are handmade.

Now that you know the main pricing groups for rugs, it’s also essential to know the main price determinants. Knowledge of these factors can help you make the best decision when choosing living room rugs.

The Size of the Rug

Size is the number one factor for rugs valuation. If the rug is big, the chances are high that it will be pricier than a smaller rug of the same material. Every inch of the carpet consumes more materials. At Grass carpet, we have an unlimited collection of carpets to choose from. and more labor in the weaving process, hence the high price.

Most carpets are available in all sizes. Before you buy, it’s advisable to measure your room’s size so that you can get the best fit rug. Every rug comes with the size specifications on a label.

But if the label is not there or is unreadable, you can measure the width and the length to get the area rug cost. For instance, a rug with a length of 3m and a width of 2m can fit in a 6 square meters room.

The Materials

Rugs come in many materials. They include nylon, polypropylene, cotton, and silk. Nylon is the most popular material and the cheapest because it’s not long-lasting. Nevertheless, it is easy to clean and is resistant to spills.

Cotton and silk carpets are costlier than nylon carpets, and they provide more warmth. Wool is the most expensive carpet material. Every material has its pros and cons, which you must understand before you buy.

For instance, wool might provide the best warmth to your feet; plus, it can be an excellent addition to your house’s interior aesthetics. However, it’s not easy to clean, and the price quote may be very high.

The main factors to consider when choosing the rug’s material include the ease of cleaning, the color alternatives and durability. Weigh the good and the bad of each rug material, and you will get the best rug for your price.

The Carpet Pad

The pad has a significant impact on the general look and price of the rug. It provides insulation, provides a pleasant feel when stepping on the carpet, and keeps the rug safe from dirt and other dust particles.

There are three main types of carpet pads: the felt pad, foam, and rubber pads. Felt pad is the traditional option. It was stiff and rigid such that you could feel it, but it’s no longer present in modern rugs.

Foam pads are the most common and affordable. They consist of flat, well-structured polyethylene chips, which make the rug comfortable to step on. The last and most expensive option is the rubber pads, which include a natural sponge rubber in the middle of the carpet.

Rugs with the rubber pad are flexible, easy to clean, and durable, but they come with the highest price quote.

How Much Does a Rug Cost?

While there might not be a clear answer to the question “how much does a rug cost?” You can always follow the guide above to budget for your purchase. You should start by measuring your room’s size and then writing the specifications of your ideal rug.

A rug is not the only thing you need to buy at home. As a homeowner, you still need to check your paints, furniture, kitchen, and even remodel the worn-out house parts.

Our blog provides helpful home improvement tips to help homeowners like you polish their homes at little costs. Please read the rest of the articles in the blog to learn more.

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