The Best Moving Hacks You’ll Find In The Internet


Lots of people move, whether it’s for work, family, or simply to get a fresh start someplace else. But whatever the reason behind that leap towards a new city, state, or country may be, the feat itself is bound to get complicated, frustrating, and often times, stressful. The good thing though is that because moving has become quite normal in recent years, lots of people who’ve gone through it countless times have shared all their tips and tricks to help future movers, like yourself, experience it a bit differently, for the better.

Here are 5 of the best moving hacks that we’ve found across the Internet.

Vacuum Seal Lightweight Objects Together

Don’t just reserve your vacuum sealer for heavier items such as winter jackets and comforter. Choose lightweight objects and fit more in one bag. Not only will you have room for more in the rest of your boxes, but you’ll also get to have must-have items in one bag. This is perfect for your change of clothes on the day of the move so it’s easily accessible and won’t take up too much space in your bag.

Use Toilet Paper And Paper Towels As Box Padding

Most moving companies like would tell you that there’s only a certain weight each box should be. Aside from the logistics side of things, this is also to prevent the box from giving up and potentially dropping all the items inside. Just because you have a large box, you don’t need to fill it to the brim. Instead, pack things with a balanced weight goal in mind. If your pile of books only take up half the space of the box, put in some lighter weight objects to fill it. That way, you’ll make most of every box you have without jeopardizing the safety of the box itself as well as the items inside.

Put Your Toaster Oven In A Bag

Unless you have a perfectly brand new toaster oven, consider packing it in an old bag or eco-bag, if that’s what you have lying around. Not only will this protect the surface from scratching with other items, but this will also help catch the crumbs that are lying around somewhere inside the oven.

Cover Toiletry Bottles With Zip Lock Or Cling Wrap

This might be a common one, but an essential tip nonetheless. Open up all your toiletry bottles, or other bottled liquids, and cover them up with plastic wrap to prevent leaking and spills during the move. If you have just a few bottles left, consider getting a large ziplock bag and use that to cover as many bottles it can fit before screwing the lids back in.

Prevent Necklaces From Tangling With A Comb Or Toilet Paper Rolls

This particular bit might not be for every single mover, nor will your expert Removalists in Kellyvillebe ready for that. However, if you do have a lot of necklaces that you need to pack, it’s best to keep them separated and avoid the headache once you need to use them.

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If you want the comb option, simply slide each necklace per teeth and secure them by putting the entire thing in a ziplock bag. You can even tape them in place for extra protection. For the toilet paper roll, just put the necklaces around and pack them safely.

Final Word

Moving, whether just upstate or to a different continent, might feel too overwhelming, which is why these hacks proven from other movers will definitely help. Try to see which ones will work for you and as always, consult a professional for further questions.

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