Why There Is No Cookie Cutter Approach In Interior Design


When deciding the look and feel of your revamp office, it is tempting to have a look at competitors and to copy them. Afterall, if you are one of the crowd, then you can’t be too off right? The answer to this question is actually no. Every business is different due to its brand, vision, mission and most importantly, its employees.

It would be reckless to accommodate your whole layout in the direction of copying the standard look without first considering your brand. If the look to be copied belongs to a brand with vastly different values, a contradicting environment could be unintentionally created.

Designing for your Talent

We cannot stress enough the importance of having an interior design that benefits your employees and attracts potential recruits.

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It is obvious that people would like to work in visually appealing areas. As such, it would certainly benefit you to have an interior design that is appealing to potential talents. Yet, specifying what a visually appealing space should appear like is in fact a complicated task. Nevertheless, most of us have our very own peculiarities, favouritesand also likings.

Design Techniques to Consider

While we do not recommend copying any one design, it is important for you to be aware of certain interior design techniques that can be leverage upon to great effect.

Colour Theory

Colour theory instructs us that energetic colours exist. For instance, when individuals see the colour red, they feel more hungry and also energetic. As such, through careful placement and strategic thinking, you can use colour to incite emotions and responses from your employees.

Activity Zones

Often when designing a space, business owners become overly concerned with having a single uniformed design. This concept is one that has not aged well as the turn of the century has seen a shift towards activity based zones.

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Rather than having a uniform design in all spaces, innovative offices nowadays have different designs in each space. This allows for the most optimal environment for the activities that are conducted in the space.

One manner in which millennials vary from their predecessors is their choice for activity based zones. Similar to a hot desking arrangement, activity based zones use a selection of different themed rooms that help you to execute your task efficiently.

Seeking Practical Advice

Before you jump into all the amazing and wonderful ideas of how your revamped office space will look like, do seek the expertise of an interior design servicesfirm. Do ask them for what limitations they foresee in your space and the types of designs that will work best for your business. From there, you can add more details to this core and have your full concept laid out before your eyes.

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