Why Is Your Apartment Ceiling Leaking


For apartment owners, ceiling leakages are often far from the top of their concerns given that the building’s roof is often far from their home. Yet, in reality, ceiling leakages do not only occur when water penetrates a building’s roof. Rather, due to the fluid nature that water has, water can reach your roof from any number of original entry points.

In this article, we will be covering the common causes of apartment ceiling leakages. In particular, we will be focusing on the internal sources for water leakages as these are more apparent in apartment blocks.

Bathroom Leaks

Shower rooms are regarded to be a damp location in your house, being extremely exposed to water droplets and dampness. Each time you shower, all surfaces of your restroom need to stand up to infiltration from the resulting water and vapour.

2 areas specifically are most susceptible to water infiltration. These are the grout joints between your bathroom tiles in addition to the area where the wall surface and flooring meet. At these points, spaces are filled up by grout and sealed with caulk.

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If your ceiling lies under a washroom, then leakages from the ceiling may result from the restroom. In this situation, as a short-term solution, you should make the initiative to sponge up water that is exposed to the bathroom. If the ceiling leakages are indeed due to water from the washroom, this would minimize the chances of water infiltration and enable you to inspect.

Pipe Leakages

Pipeline leakages can be a very notorious issue within your residence. Not just are they likely to rapidly escalate your utilities bills, however they additionally subject all surface areas in their area to a high quantity of water.

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Pipe leaks are tricky as it oftentimes goes unnoticed. Since you cannot visually detect the leak in its beginning, the very first time you might see it would be when water starts to enter your home. At which point, you can be certain that a considerable amount of water has actually beenentraped above your ceiling or on the other side of your walls.

Pipe leakages in houses are largely brought on by 3 primary reasons:

  • Disconnection or rupture as a result of foundation shifts in your house’s foundation
  • Deterioration owing to raised water tension within your pipelines
  • Corrosion if the material of the pipeline is at risk to rust

If you do experience a pipe leaks that bring about ceiling leaks, you should right away speak to a waterproof specialist. Other than assisting to execute a straightforward pipe repair work solution, your service provider will have the ability to assess the damage to your ceiling and aid to make repairs to your house’s foundation.

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