Signs That Indicate a Replacement and Tips To Choose Toilets


We put a lot of effort to maintain and make sure that every system in our home is in order. Plumbing is also one of the most important systems. When you find your toilet is leaking or damaged it can be frustrating. It is very much important to have fully functioning toilets in your home and need to change them when it is needed to ensure they are in good condition.

When you need to replace the toilet, you may be tempted to do it on your own to save money. It may look like an easy task but it requires some installation techniques that you may not be familiar with that can also lead to plumbing emergencies, leaking, flooding, and such. Moreover, you may lack the needed tools if you are new to this task.

Hence, it is good to invest your time in finding a qualified plumber to get the job done. If you are living in Sydney, get high-qualified services from Wilco Plumbers Sydney who got years of experience and experienced plumbers who can perform any complex work at a reasonable cost.

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Tips To Choose Best Toilet

Toilets play an important role in everyone’s life hence it becomes important to choose the one that makes you happy using it. Nowadays, you got many options when you need to choose one. Here are some basics.

Style And Types

You can find toilets in a wide range of styles including traditional, transitional, modern, eclectic, and contemporary.

Types include a two-piece, one-piece, wall-mounted, and tankless.

Bowl Type

Choose the bowl type according to your bathroom layout.

  1. Round bowls are suitable for smaller spaces.
  2. Elongated bowls provide you comfort and are suitable for larger bathrooms.

Water Efficiency

Water-efficient toilets use less amount of water and help you save hundreds of dollars on your water bills.

There are also other latest innovations like the quiet-close, quick release, easy-clean glaze that makes your next trip convenient and comfortable.

When To Go For A Replacement?

It may be difficult to determine when to replace the toilet. Here we discuss some signs that will help you know when to go for a toilet replacement.

Aged Toilets

You may think that toilets will last forever. But you should know that the inner working systems may not work properly when it gets little old. Older toilets also use two to three times more water when compared to efficient and effective new toilets. Hence, by replacing your aged toilets, you can save money and water.

Constant Clogging

While a clogging toilet is a common issue, if you are experiencing constant clogging then it is time for a replacement. If you are not sure about the reason for clogging, your plumber will help you out.


Cracks are mostly not so visible to our eyes but they can be easily detected from your water bills! A lot of water is wasted due to cracks in toilets. It also affects your floor in the long run.

Mineral Built-ups

If you are using hard water, the minerals get collected in the inlet holes and prevent water flow which makes it an inefficient toilet.

There can be different signs that indicate you need a replacement. With the help of a professional plumber, find the right solution to any of your plumbing needs.

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