Adding Some Natural Colours to The Soy Wax Candles – Some Ideas for You


Candles that are referred to as the natural ones are the options that are prepared with naturally available ingredients such as soy, beeswax, or palm, as the basic ingredients. Not all options that are used for preparing the soap moulds will work in the preparation of natural candles. Hence, finding the right ingredients is the trick here.

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Spices and Herbs for Colouring the Candles 

Some of the most preferred options in case of colouring natural candles are spirulina, madder root, peppermint, and annatto seeds.

  • Spirulina and peppermint are the best sources of obtaining the warm green hue for your candles. Peppermint can offer a light green shade for your candle.
  • The madder roots are the best source for obtaining a light peach shade.
  • The annatto seeds are best for making the candles look like sunshine in your room as it offers a warm yellow shade.
  • The alkanet is the right choice if you are looking for a burgundy shade.

Required Materials 

For creating the natural shaded candles, you will need some materials such as,

  1. The jelly jars
  2. Twist ties
  3. Soy container wax
  4. Coffee filters
  5. Wicks
  6. Spices and herbs of your choice

You will need a slow cooker to blend all these materials into a beautiful candle.


Place all the jelly jars inside the water bath taken in the cooker. The containers should be filled with at least 6 ounces of soy wax.

Prepare the satchels of herbs, one each for the number of containers that you have taken, and place them all inside a coffee filter. With the help of a twist-and-tie option, tie all the satchels into a bundle. The measurement of the herbs should be as follows.

Spirulina powder of ½ teaspoon

Peppermint of 1 teaspoon

Annatto seeds of ½ teaspoon

Madder root powder of ½ teaspoon

Alkanet powder of ½ teaspoon

Place these herb-filled coffee filters inside the respective jars and let them stay in the cooker for about 24 hours. The temperature of 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit should be maintained inside the cooker to let the herbs blend with the wax.

Now remove the containers and add wicks when the wax is still in its molten form. Let the jars cool completely, and you have your natural candles.

You can add fragrance if required before pouring the melted wax inside the containers. However, what you wish to do with your candle aroma is completely up to your decision. However, do not burns the soy wax candles at least a week before they are prepared.

Apart from the infusion of the aromas, the one-week time is required for the settling of the wick as well inside the candle. Hence, it is suggested to wait before burning the soy wax candles.

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