How To Know If Your Furnace Ignitor Isn’t Working?


Without a properly working furnace, it is impossible to stay comfortable through the winter. If your furnace stops working in a frosty winter morning or in the middle of a December night, it can be a terrible experience. When you need furnace repair in los Alamitos, call American Air Conditioning to fix the problem as soon as possible. However, sometimes you can determine for yourself what is wrong with the appliance. In many cases, the reason could be a faulty furnace ignitor.

How to find out if the furnace ignitor is faulty?

The furnace ignitor may be a small component, but it is pivotal for proper functioning. It lights the device burner, and that in turn initiates the heating process. Basically, it produces the spark that initiates how the heating fuel is consumed so that heat is generated for circulation.

Listed here are major signs of a faulty furnace ignitor.

  • The furnace does not run – Though there are multiple reasons why a furnace may not run, a malfunctioning or worn out ignitor is often the culprit. Some more modern furnaces are made with a built in shutdown mechanism to prevent hazards when the ignitor is not functioning properly.
  • The furnace blows cool air – Weird as it may sound, a malfunctioning furnace ignitor may make the furnace circulate cool air instead of warm air. A bad ignitor means there is no combustion, which then means there will be no heat generated.
  • The furnace runs intermittently – If you find the furnace is turning on and off frequently, there is a problem. This fault can be triggered by an ignitor that is about to fail. This incident is called “short-cycling” by HVAC professionals. When this happens, we are your best option for furnace repair in los angeles. However, it is possible that this problem is caused by other issues or faulty parts. Be sure to check with a professional when there is uncertainty.
  • Ignitor glow absent – As the furnace is switched on, the ignitor should glow. If you can’t see any glowing when the furnace turns on, it may mean the ignitor has stopped working.

What else you need to check?

Before calling an HVAC repair service agency, you need to check if the furnace malfunction is being caused by other factors. Sometimes, a tripped circuit breaker can be the cause. You also need to check if the HVAC system is set to the proper mode (heat, cool, auto) or other suitable setting.

Hiring the right agency

Whether your furnace problem is being caused by a faulty ignitor or some other issue, getting it checked is a priority. You should not just call any HVAC repair agency to fix your furnace problem. You can contact several regional service providers and compare their quotes. However, you may not have much time. To get all your furnace issues resolved without hassles, your best bet is American Air Conditioning & Heating. We are known for offering comprehensive HVAC services at affordable rates throughout the year. For details on services, call 1-800-321-9494.

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