Information for Homeowners Planning to Install Composite Roofing


Every home deserves to have a roofing system that can protect the whole structure from all sorts of natural activities. No storm, strong wind, heavy rain, snow, and heat must be able to damage the roof. Though we are all aware that it will get old in time and we cannot stop such damages, but we can delay it as long as it can be properly maintained.

Now, if you would like it to last for decades, then be sure to choose a top rated roofing company that can help you make your dream home come true. You should keep in mind that the roofing system is a very important part of the house because it will receive everything that nature throws on its surface. That’s why you should be able to find contractors who can help you with the right type and one of these is the composite.

This system in residential houses may vary when it comes to structure, material, style, and theme. But no matter what these differences are, what’s more important, is for you to find out more details or information about the system that you want to install. This project is not just about whom to have a contract with but also about understanding the system.


These shingles come from mixed materials, such as asphalt, recycled paper, and fiberglass. There are two great things about composite. It is fire and moisture resistant. Though other companies have started manufacturing algae and mold resistant shingles which would be good features to add.

It varies in size, shape, and color, which makes it versatile, but it does not peel, crack, warp, and split. And then, when damaged, individual replacement is possible.

This is an ideal option for residential shingles if you want to go green that’s why this also uses recycled materials. Some of these are hemp fibers and industrial plastic. Find out more info from to learn more.

How long will it last?

Season changes and our roof may encounter various environmental concerns as days pass by but with the right materials and quality, such factors can be handled well. Composite shingles being durable is already a given. So, it may last for 20 to 50 years, depending on the shingle type.

If you are going to compare it with other materials, of course, it is better than others which can only last for less than 15 years. I guess residents will just need to rely on their budget, though they must consider durability, too.

Always remember that the key to the longer shelf life of any roofing system will depend on the quality of materials used, type of installation, insulation, maintenance, and reliable contractor. In this way, you can assure that this roof will remain intact and in good condition even after decades.

Compared to Asphalt

When it comes to weight, asphalt shingle is heavier. You will find ease or convenience in transporting and installing the shingle since it is lighter. It may be light in weight, but the warranty is longer than asphalt.

We all know that asphalt roofing is a common choice in different settings or environments. Let’s say that composite is usually the second choice. But both of these have common qualities – read this to know more about asphalt shingles.

Synthetic Slate

Slate had been a popular choice, but synthetic slate replaced it. Again, this is lighter so you can also install and transport it easily. It is also cheaper than a traditional slate so that would be a good option that homeowners must greatly consider.

Synthetic slate can be supported by a normal or regular roof and using a standard nail won’t be a reason to break the insulator or roof. However, always remember that cheaper ones do not always mean saving so you should also consider that the looks must not give in or compromise.

Synthetic Cedar

Materials, such as used tires and industrial plastic are used when it comes to manufacturing synthetic cedar. While others are manufacturing this using wood shavings for UV degradation protection.

With such given materials, your roof will last for 20 years. Though even when there is no maintenance, the roof may last for up to 50 years that is if fiberglass cedar is used.

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