Top 5 Major Signs Your House Needs a New Roof


Being a homeowner is great. It’s empowering, freeing, and a strong financial path for many. But, it also involves a great deal of intentional effort and dedicated time. Why? Because as a homeowner, you’re responsible for repairing broken housing features and managing the property as a whole.

For some, this responsibility is invigorating and fun. They’re DIY-ers by nature and side-hustle handymen. But for others, it can be hard to know when and how to accomplish various fixes around the house — especially when it involves a new roof!

Knowing when to get a new roof can feel daunting, we know. But never fear. That’s where we come in — helping you grow in your knowledge of home renovation! So let’s dive in by focusing on roof replacement.

Keep reading to explore five signs your house needs a new roof.

Top 5 Major Signs Your House Needs a New Roof

1. Age

Wondering if it’s time to replace your roof? Well, before going too far down the rabbit hole, be sure to reference the original paperwork and receipts for your current roof.

Why? Because most roofs are typically projected to last between twenty and fifty years. For instance, if you have a slate or cement roof, you should be good for a while. But, if your roof is made of asphalt shingles, you’re probably looking at a shorter lifespan and it might be time for a new roof.

2. Leaks

Speaking of other indicators that you might need a roof replacement …

If you climb up to your attic and find that there is an excess amount of sunlight or natural light pouring through cracks above or that your feet are beginning to slosh around in water as you explore the space, it’s an indication that you might need to look into purchasing a new roof or replacing sections that are causing leaks.

When this is the case, be sure to do your research in choosing a roof repair service that can and will make quick work of any drip-dropping complications. The faster you act, the less the damage!

3. Sag

Beware of sag! What does this mean? Well, when you can step outside on your front lawn, look at your roof, and visibly see that it’s drooping or sagging in a downward arc — then it’s a good indication that you probably need to consider a roof replacement.

Why? Because, normally, sag and droop is a sign of some sort of interior roof damage and, worst-case scenario, might cause your roof to cave in on itself.

4. Mold & Fungi

Another serious sign that you might need a new roof? Mold and fungi — which, ultimately, ain’t that fun, guy.

When and if you begin to notice growing, living organisms or plant life in shadier, damp corners of the attic or on the roof itself, it’s time to consider investing in repairs or a complete overhaul. Or, at the least, it’s worth investigating the scene.

5. Broken Shingles

When you look at your roof from the outside, do you notice broken or missing shingles? If so, it’s time to look into a new roof.

Why? Because missing or broken shingles are a sign that your roof wasn’t made of quality materials, with quality craftsmanship, or that shingle protections have worn off. And it’s only a matter of time before more shingles begin to disappear or break.

Time for a New Roof?

Getting a new roof isn’t fun, but, if you’re noticing the signs listed above, it just might be time to pull the trigger on that next at-home investment.

Don’t worry, though, there are countless professional companies available to help and get your roof back in action in no time. You got this!

And, as always, be sure to visit our site daily for the best in home improvement tips and advice.

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