Paint Colours That Will Help Sell Your House


Do you know a bucket of paint could be worth so money? Yeah! While several home improvement projects help sell your house, nothing adds value to a house than a fresh coat of paint. Selling a home comes with small improvements and DIY adjustments to attract buyers. If you are planning to put your house on sale, consider a professional painting job.

Paint Colours That Will Help Sell Your House

That said, when you are repainting your house to sell, your colour of choice doesn’t matter anymore. This is because you are painting for the buyers, not for you or your family. According to research, “98% of agents say that buyers prefer neutral shades over bold ones.” So, which are the right colours? Don’t fret. We, painting contractors Sydney, are here to help pick the right shades.


If you are on a tight budget and looking for a good Return on investment, then this is your shade. The colour of your home’s exterior can make or break a buyer’s perception. Off-white paired with any lighter and warm shades provides the contrast and the look to your house.


Yellow might not be a favourite shade. But, the yellow house represents happiness and joy. However, in order to attract potential buyers, stick with a pale yellow. Of course, you could choose brighter shades of yellow but ensure to tone it down and lighten it up as it gives a cheerful hue.


Greige is a combination of beige and grey shade that’s trending everywhere. It has recently gained its popularity, and it’s no wonder this shade could attract potential buyers. Of course, it’s a neutral shade. But, it’s the combination makes this shade more appealing than either colour would be on its own. Besides, Greige is a classical choice which makes the house appealing.


It may not be an exciting colour choice. But, it has become a popular choice for interiors and exteriors. Probably due to grey’s versatility as it suits any type of house from modern to traditional. Besides, shades of grey also pairs well with natural architectural decors like a stone. Based on the style of your house, you could choose a perfect grey ranging from soft to dark charcoal.


Who doesn’t love the shades of blue? If you want to add some colours to your home and make it look attractive, paint the walls blue. Both lighter and darker shades work great on any type of house.

Want to paint your house before selling? We, Contemporary Paintings Solutions, could help you. Get in touch with our painters Sydneyfor more details.

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