Steps to starting a house cleaning business


Are you thinking of starting your own house cleaning business in Colorado? Well, that can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. The house cleaning business is one of the easiest businesses you can venture into.

What makes it easy to tart is the low-cost start-up capital you require to start. Also, you need only a business name, unlike many other businesses that require permits and licenses. Consequently, this business has been growing by 20 percent annually due to the less complicated starting procedures.

So, what are the things to do when starting this business?

Visit an insurer

It is always essential, to begin with insuring your business. Risks may occur whether you run the business yourself or have employees handle it. For example, your cleaning employees may break a piece of costly equipment in your business. Instead of holding them liable, you may have an insurance policy that will cover such losses.

Link up with other businesspeople

When beginning to operate in a specific industry, you need to partner with other players. Linking up with other business people in the cleaning industry will help you know the average cost of starting this business and the policies that govern the industry.

Purchase the necessary equipment

There are different tools you may require to start offering house cleaning services Denver. You need basic things like mops, stainless steel cleaner, wood cleaners, window cleaner, and a hard water remover. You should have all the tools you need to facilitate smooth operation.

Create advertisements and marketing channels

You should begin by thinking about the kind of people who may be looking for your services. Go ahead and make advertisements that will appeal to them and put them at the right places where they can access them. Also, ensure these adverts and promotional material capture all the necessary information that they may require.

Set up a website

You should then create a user-friendly website. Highlight the kind of work you do and how much you will charge your clients. High-quality images of your work can also attract more clients to your business.

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Also, ensure that you include your working hours and whether you are available during weekends and holidays. Most importantly, do not forget to include your contact information.

Post your business on free sites

Several sites offer free posting services. You should take advantage of them and put your business on the map. Many people scroll through these free sites in the search for services, and that can be an excellent opportunity to grab some clients.

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Indicate that you offer incentives such as discounts for new signups to help boost the traffic to your website. New clients generally are more likely to sign up for your service if you offer them some incentive.


Starting your own house cleaning business is something you should include in your bucket list. A house cleaning business is simple to start. It has fewer legal requirements and requires only a small amount of capital to take off.

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