What to Expect From Home Design Trends in 2021


There has been a significant change in lifestyle and attitude in 2020. A great value has been put upon the type of property we reside in, as well as its interior design, due to the varying degrees of lockdown we have each experienced. This has led to a dramatic uncertainty in what trends might occur next year.

In addition to revamping our interiors to accommodate our newly remote professional lives, sustainability has become a widespread consideration as climate change continues to be an important issue for many. Of the research we conducted, these two motivating factors seemed to permeate many of the interior design predictions being made for next year.

This collection of trends are those which we have seen to be the most common among industry professionals and they have been curated for inspiration and interest, with the hope that they will inspire your own creative home design ideas.

Rustic Chic Aesthetics

Partly inspired by the internet’s cottagecore movement and partly by a growing nostalgia for natural and eco-friendly lifestyles, rustic chic, or rustic vogue, has become a remarkably popular design trend. Growing alongside countryside fashion, with thick knit jumpers, plaid shirts, and floral embellishments, furniture and interiors have started to adopt the same grandmotherly style.

Expect to see more original and distressed floorboards, Impressionist-style paintings, and boxes of throws and blankets.

Repurposed Gardens

Typically gardens have been predominantly used as summer spaces or for storage. However, as they become more valuable assets to a property, the ways in which they are useful is being reconsidered. Storage sheds are being swapped for log cabins, old BBQ grills are being replaced with adobe clay pizza ovens, and flower beds are being exchanged for vegetable patches, changes that each seem to have utility in mind.

A garden’s potential is now being seen as more than aesthetic or recreational, instead, homeowners are seeking to make them an essential and integrated part of their property and lifestyle.

Recovered and Upcycled

Growing from the push toward a circular economy, saving items from reaching the tip with recycling and upcycling creativity is not only a cost-effective way to decorate your home but it’s also an environmentally-friendly one too.

Instead of heading to the high street to find new chairs or going online to pick out new utensils, more people are now browsing their local charity shops and reaching out to their local community on social media instead. Each piece not only demonstrates a potentially keen eye for style but also earns a few points of pride too, allowing those who put in the creativity and effort required to give new life to old items to feel proud.

Out With the Bold

Bold colours and statement pieces have been at the centre of our Instagram feeds for some time. However, now that time is over and they are being replaced with neutral tones and pastels instead. Some are attributing the sudden popularity of quiet colours to the lockdown, pointing out that many now want to create a stress-free and relaxing environment for their home.

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