Window Treatment options for Vinyl Windows


Agree or not, but only some homeowners think about their window replacement when they sign a contract with a door and window company. And a majorly ignored part of the replacement windows is that –  finding out which type of window treatment you need, when you are going to choose new vinyl windows. You can go for blinds, curtains or some kind of combos.

Be it for privacy or to lower sunlight or just for aesthetic reasons, window treatment can bring a new look to your house and add a comforting touch to any place. Check out some of the window treatment options for vinyl windows

When to order new blinds?

The best time to get blinds is when the windows are properly installed. While they may leave your windows open for some time, it will help you research the right treatment for your new window. With replacement windows, the opening in the new ones can be a little smaller than the old ones and you may face the problems of your new blinds not fitting how you wished it to be.

Once the windows are installed, you can finalize the decision of treatment options. A lot of people think of going for curtains before the installation but once the vinyl windows are installed, they choose blinds instead.

Can you use existing blinds on new windows?

A common question which homeowners ask is that whether they can use their old blinds and curtains on the new windows or not? In most cases, it is possible as long as the size of the new window isn’t visibly smaller than the old window. Sometimes blinds can also be trimmed to meet the dimensions of the new window.

If you want to keep your present blinds, then specify it at the time of signing the agreement. The installers will tell you if it is possible or not.

Combination windows or window treatment- what is recommended?

Different window treatments are recommended for different windows and their settings. For instance, vertical blinds and curtains are recommended for big wide windows while horizontal blinds and roller shutters are good for windows with longer height.

When planning to design your house, interior designers should focus on the location of the window to know which blinds will be more appropriate. On windows facing south or north, you can go for horizontal blinds. They are regulated by different angles at which the light enters your room all through the day and permit suitable modifications to filter the light of the sun.

It is also essential to imagine how combination windows will impact your window treatment. For instance, if you have a combination window with two same-size windows, then using curtains is not recommended as the middle frame will be visible, once the curtains are open.

Lastly, consider the kind of wood finish you want on your new window when thinking of your replacement project. It will give you complete control of how the new window will look in the room. Make sure you buy the treatments after the installation of replacement windows.

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