5 top Advantages of waterproofing your basement


In order to enhance the value of their home, most people inspect their bathroom, kitchen or perhaps their roof and outside walls. Only rarely some may look seriously at their basement as a portion of their house which needs periodic maintenance and care. One of the major issues linked with your basement is leaks and mold growth. In case this problem arises, it is essential to resolve it in the quickest possible way. One of the best ways to do is to waterproof your basement. It renders several benefits to you. Check out some benefits of waterproofing your basement.

1. Lowering the insurance claims cost

More than one fifth of the insurance claims made by Toronto homeowners is due to water damage. Basement flooding including foundation cracks causes structural damage to the property and your belongings and increases the price of the claims. Flooding isn’t just the only source of basement water damage, a slow leakage can also lead to prominent structural damage, when overlooked for some time. Spending time and money on basement waterproofing can help you prevent this issue and save you a hefty sum of money on linked policy claims.

Also, activities like sealing foundation cracks, installation of a sump pump and a drainage system can help you channelize water and prevent basement floods and leaks.

2. Healthier atmosphere in the house

Excessive moisture in the home can cause growth of mold and mildew. While they don’t just cause extra damage to your property, they also trigger bad health effects such as respiratory issues, infections, breathing problems and allergies.As molds can grow in hidden areas of your house, they are extremely dangerous. Waterproofing your basement restricts their growth permanently.

3. Low utility bills

If the air in the house is moist, your HVAC system has to work harder to heat and cool the area. It can increase your utility bills around 10 to 15 percent annually. Efficient waterproofing measures lower the dampness level in the house and helps to maintain a normal temperature, thereby keeping the bills at acceptable levels.

4. Protection of the basement floor

Usually, basements have concrete flooring around 2-4 inches thick. This thin basement flooring is susceptible to groundwater pressure which can cause cracks. If this happens, your basement will become prone to seepage or severe flooding.

5. No structural damage

Water leak through the foundation can cause severe structural damage to your house by impacting the edges, joints, floor and walls. It also includes foundation cracks, clipping of the floors and walls, thereby hampering the structural integrity of your home. A lot of this occurs out of site and becomes a major issue before you could realize. However, effective waterproofing will safeguard the walls, edges, flooring and prevent any structural damage from taking place.

By hiring a reliable and reputable basement waterproofing company, you can prevent several issues from arising. The professionals will inspect your basement and recommend the most effective basement waterproofing solution for it before it causes any serious damage.

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