How to use Dafi pitchers


Dafi producer launched on the US market a series of products for home or travel filtration of tap water. In addition to bottles that can be easily used during sports activities, at school or at work, Dafi also offers filtering pitchers. How to use them and who they are most useful for – we will answer the questions asked in the following article.

Instructions for correct assembly

In case of Dafi products we do not have to worry about difficult user manual. A filter pitcher should be washed thoroughly, remembering about pressing a filter in a place designated for this. The top cover is mounted from the front of the pitcher, at the end pressing the part closer to the handle.

The pitcher should be rinsed twice in order to vent a filter and get rid of activated carbon particles. In the next step, pour water through the appropriate hole and wait about a minute for filtered water to enter the container, which is located at the bottom of the pitcher.Is it allowed to pour water “under the plug”?

If the situation requires that and we have unexpected visit of guests, we can try to fill the pitcher full. When there is water in the pitcher, its freshness passes after 12 hours. It is an economical and reasonable option to pour water rather than get rid of it. The best to drink is clean and healthy water that is why changing filters every month is so important. In case of pitchers with manual date indicator we have to be a little bit more alert. The situation is different with automatic indicator. Colourful LEDs inform about a date of buying a new filter ( yellow- watch out, get ready for an exchange or a red one – the day of exchange has come).
A producer informs us that before a first use of a filter we have to soak it in water for about a quarter.

A pitcher rinsing minerals?

It is just a myth. Filtering reduces an excess of elements that are responsible, among others, for limescale deposits on household appliances, eg: in the washing machine.
Dafi meets a demand of consumers and creates series of filters enriching water with an additional portion of minerals, e.g. in magnesium. The AGD + filters are natural friends for kettles, irons and coffee makers. Their additional advantage is that they fit pitchers of other companies, eg: Brita. They do not demineralise water.

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