How To Evacuate Your Customers And Staff In Case Of Fire


Cases of fire are something you cannot predict. With that in mind, it is important to always be prepared. Nevertheless, if you are at a loss as to where you should begin this mitigation plan, you’re in luck as this article will help you with your FEEP.

A fire emergency evacuation plan (FEEP) is a document that outlines the actions to be taken by all of your customers, employees, and staff in the event of a fire. Furthermore, it can also include the necessary steps to take in making arrangements for calling the fire station.

If you want to safely evacuate your customers and staff in cases of fire, you need to improve and review your current emergency procedures, equipment, safety zones, signages, and visual and auditory alarms – all of which should be detailed in your FEEP.

With fire protection York, you’ll be able to consider the best fire evacuation strategy for your business, what are the necessary steps to take upon the discovery of fire, ways on how to call for help, identification of key escape routes, and so much more.

Don’t worry, we know this is a lot to take in so we will take it slow. We’ll start with C.A.R.E. This is often used when someone sees smoke or flame.

C – You need to be able to Contain the fire by closing the doors as you leave the premises.

A – By Activating the fire alarms, you’ll be able to alert everyone in the building regarding potential fire, or actual fire if there are already flames.

R – Properly reporting the instance can be done by dialing 911.

E – Evacuate and Extinguish are two of the most important steps to ensure that no one gets hurt.

So, when is it alright to use the fire extinguisher?

Well, you can use a fire extinguisher if you are trained at using them in the first place. Furthermore, if you have the proper types for the kind of fire you are trying to extinguish, then by all means, use it. If there is little smoke or flames, you may use it as well. Lastly, if everyone has left the area, then you’ll be able to use it without putting the lives of anyone at risk.

Fire protection York states that you should never fight a fire once it has left its origin source. Nevertheless, if you are unsure as to what type of fire extinguisher is best used for a particular fire, then it is best to not use it at all.

What about the actual evacuation process?

Every business, every office, and every department should have a proper evacuation plan. The details on your FEEP should include a designated “safe area” to meet outside the building. This area should be known to everyone in your company. Also, do not forget to mention in your FEEP the actions necessary to take after everyone has left the premises.

With fire protection York, every aspect and element on your FEEP is crucial. Each of them has its own purpose. Hopefully, by reading this guide, you are somehow enlightened to be more confident – and not panic or be anxious – should you be caught in unexpected cases of fire.

Every business should have an evacuation plan in case a fire breaks out, but it’s better if you have fire protection York in place. Contact us today at Westminster Fire and let us help you protect your business, customers, and staff.

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