Worst Time of Year to Move


Moving to a new place can be a life-changing and important endeavor, especially when you start life afresh. This could also be a reason for you to pursue some of your dreams or handle your financial problems. Whichever reason you have to move to a new place, it’s important to consider the best movers for moving services and evaluate the security of the neighborhood.

However, in the middle of this, it may be simple to pick the right time of the year to move. Knowing the worst time to move will save your nerves and money. To have a better understanding of the worst time to move, below are details to guide you.

1. Weekends

To many people, weekends are perfect for relocating to new homes. This means that weekends will be busy days for San Antonio movers, so to be on the safe side, you might need to book their moving services early enough. Failure to that, someone else might beat you to the game.

In addition to that, most children are at home on weekends. Therefore, if you are a parent, it might be difficult to concentrate on keeping your kids safe and handle the moving process at the same time.

2. Summer

Moving during summer means that you must get ready to see an influx of ‘for sale’ signs. While summertime is perfect for listing your home and moving to a new one, you can be sure to have a lot of competitions. Mostly, the housing markets are saturated with listings, making it hard for sellers.

Consequently, it would be downright miserable to move furniture and boxes with the humid and summer heat. This can be costly because you will have to invest in:

  • A sunscreen
  • Portable fans
  • Bottled water

3. Major Holidays

According to the US. Department of Transportation report, Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving are the busiest days. This could mean that there would be major delays, and if these holidays happen to fall on weekends, your moving services could be delayed.

Gift-giving should also be your main concern when moving to a new house during the holidays. In such times, shopping is stressful, and throwing some moving expenses may seem nutty, one that nutcrackers might not even crack.

4. Winter 

Frigid temperatures of the winter can prevent you from moving to a new place. Snow, rain, and ice may be risky for both moving companies and people who want to have a DIY move. Because of the treacherous weather, relocating during this season may mean that you need to be extra careful. From salting the walkways and waterproofing your bags, you will need more precautions to move in between December and February periods.

If you have kids, winter can also be the worst time to move. Relocating to a new apartment might disrupt your kids’ education and may cause them a lot of difficulties and stress when it comes to their academic performance.

Concluding Remarks!

The best time to move depends on your preferences, needs, and budget. Whichever season you pick to relocate, it’s best to consider different price quotations from many movers. This way, you will get a trustworthy and dependable mover with the best services and quotes.

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