9 Things To Do To Get Your Roof Ready For Fall


Now that we’ve passed the “middle of the year” mark, it’s now time to ask a simple and highly neglected question for homeowners: is your roof ready for fall?

This question talks all about your roofing condition and whether or not it is prepared to take on much colder weather. Nevertheless, did you know that investing in good roofing upkeep, such as an asphalt shingle roof, can bring you a return on investment of about 62%? However, the situations may be reversed if maintenance is not done regularly.

With this in mind, we have constructed a list of things to do to get your roofing situation ready for the fall season.

Check for any falling debris

First things first, make sure to inspect and check for any falling debris. Look out for leaves, twigs and, sometimes, even the occasional missing frisbee! This can help avoid further issues, such as erosion, that typically comes from debris build up on the roof.

Start cleaning out the gutters

Cleaning out your gutters can be done by using a small spatula or something to scoop out any leaves or dirt. If you want your gutters thoroughly cleaned, you can invest in a plumber’s snake to ensure that you get every bit of dirt out.

Invest in a gutter guard

Stemming from the previous point, a gutter guard can make your job a lot easier. A gutter guard is one of the most innovative tools in the market for roofing situations. This can eliminate the risk of clogs from decomposing leaves, twigs, as well as other debris that may have caused clogs, resulting in water flowing over the side of the gutter.

Inspect your roof and take note of any damages

This next tip is a no-brainer. If you want to prepare your roof for the fall, do a full sweep and take note of any damages. This will give you an idea of whether or not there are some repairs that needed to be done before leaves start falling heavily.

Make sure to insulate the attic

When it comes to making sure that the condition of your roofing is prepared for the fall season, this is definitely one of the most neglected tips. Typically, homeowners would focus on the exterior of it all, what they don’t know is that the attic is the most affected room in your house once fall begins.

Check for any leaks

Leaks are a big NO. Once you start your full sweep, you can check if there are any leaks and repair them before the fall. This is also beneficial once you enter the winter season.

Look out for any moisture buildup

In addition to leaks, you can also check for any moisture buildup. Leaks are easy to detect but moisture buildup can lead to something far worse than leaks.

Trim the trees

Here’s a biggie: take the time to trim those trees. This will make maintaining your roof a lot easier, especially if there are trees that are close to your roof.

Make the necessary repairs

Again, it is important to find and detect any roofing problems and fix them before the fall season, so that by winter, you no longer have to worry about anything either.

Final Thoughts: Seeking the help of professionals

Leaking roof is the worst thing to handle during the fall or winter season. If you don’t know where to begin or if you want to seek out an expert’s advice, there are several roofing companies that may be able to help you with the above-mentioned points.

For all your roofing needs, our team at WF Schmidt Construction Company is ready to help. Contact us today to know more about our roofing services.

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