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More and more people are starting to be self-employed and need an office. The home office, instead of renting space in a business center, will save you the expense of rent and give you a more flexible and economical alternative. The garden office is one of the best options to create a quiet and comfortable workplace, away from all the hustle and bustle of the house.

If you have decided to build an office in your garden and are looking for options to do so, we recommend that you consider a wooden shed. First of all, self-build ones are the most affordable garden offices in the world, and secondly, we have almost a hundred models to choose from based on your needs and budget! Read on so we can explain the most important phases of building an office in your garden from a flat pack shed kit. Now visit this site for the best result.

Garden Office Size

We usually have a good idea of ​​the office size that meets all the requirements and allows us to work comfortably. If you rent an office in a business center or buy one, with every square meter the price goes up. This is not the case with the garden office in a wooden shed. By investing just a few hundred additional euros you can purchase a significantly larger garden office to enjoy the spaciousness and impress your partners and clients.

More features

Garden sheds with various functions save space in your garden and also money. For example, a multifunctional wooden shed can accommodate your office, storage room, and also a porch to organize barbecues and outdoor dinners. If you lack space in your garden for several sheds, a multifunctional wooden shed is a great solution.

Wood as a building material

Wood is a natural material, which grows and adapts according to humidity, temperature and other climatic conditions, especially during the first month after the shed is assembled. It is normal that first you have to adjust the doors and windows several times and then once a year, so that they continue to work well. Small cracks, knots and differences in tone are not defects, but inherent qualities of the wood. We recommend that you treat the floorboards with a wood protector before installation, especially the underside, as after assembly you will not be able to access the underside.

When you’ve finished setting up your garden office, it’s time to treat the shed with a decorative varnish or wood protector. One of the many advantages that wooden buildings have is that you can personalize your garden office with your favorite colors.

Untreated wood turns gray over time, can turn bluish and mold, or even rot. It is advisable to examine the garden office once a year and, if necessary, re-treat it according to the wood protector manufacturer’s instructions.

Delivery of the wooden office for garden

The wooden huts are delivered in flat, weather-resistant packages, so that they are not affected or damaged by sun or rain during transport, or while the package remains outside for a few weeks before assembly. The wooden huts are delivered in crane trucks capable of unloading heavy packages (700-2500 kilos). All the wooden pieces have been pre-fabricated and pre-cut, ready to install (like a giant Lego set!). The standard wood shed / garden office kit consists of treated wooden beams for the base, wall planks and other raw wood pieces, ceiling and floor boards, windows and doors, asphalt roof fabric, screws , nails and other fixings, anti-storm rods, user manual and assembly instructions.

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