Commercial roller doors vs commercial sectional garage doors: what’s the difference?


Two of the most popular garage door styles are roller doors and sectional garage doors. Deciding which one is better for your home depends on your personal preferences. Both commercial roller doors and commercial sectional garage doors are compact.

Commercial roller doors
They open vertically and don’t take up any external space in front of the garage. This means you can park your car close to the door without any worry.

Commercial Sectional Garage Doors

An overhead sectional garage door tilts up over the floor. It may also swing-out based on the design of the garage door. Retractable sectional garage doors may be quieter. Also, the amount of space taken depends on the kind of design the sectional door has. The chances for breakdowns and repairs are high with these kinds of doors.

Commercial Roller Doors

Commercial Roller Doors or commercial roller shutters get constructed using segments or slat sections. Rolling doors are flexible and visually appealing. They are also easy to customise. A simple mechanism is used to operate models of commercial roller doors. Maintenance costs are reduced with such garage doors.

Commercial Roller Doors Vs Commercial Sectional Garage Doors

  • Space: Sectional doors take up room on the ceiling. This results in less headroom. When the door is open, the overhead space is blocked. A commercial roller shutter never poses such a problem.
  • Safety and Security: Both commercial roller doors and commercial sectional garage doors are secure. However, roller doors have gauge steel and interlocking sections. On the other hand, the springs and cables of a sectional door remain exposed. It is more vulnerable to damage. Broken springs may cause certain issues with the garage door and may also cause injuries.
  • Cost: Commercial Roller Doors are cheaper, durable and require low-maintenance. In residential settings, a sectional door may be more economical.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance needs of commercial sectional garage doors are more than commercial roller shutters. Springs, cables, and mechanical components may rust and corrode and may require replacement in case of damage or wear and tear. On the other hand, Cheap Security Doors can save time and money as their grease-coated springs get protected against cold temperatures.
  • Insulation: Both commercial roller doors and commercial sectional garage doors come in single or double skin versions. Single skin version of a garage door is cheaper and does not have insulation. If insulating properties are what you need, it’s best to choose a double skin door for better protection. Sectional doors are more insulating in comparison to roller doors.
  • Design: The look of a garage door should be appealing, especially if the garage is attached to your home and is visible from the street. When it comes to design, roller doors don’t have many options. However, they can come in various colours. Sectional garage doors have more personalisation and colour options available. They can be custom- made, picking from different panel designs and grain effects. These garage doors can even be custom-made to match the doors of a commercial environment.

Garage door windows can go well with sectional garage doors. Having a window with roller garage doors is rare. Glass windows of various sizes and shapes with glazing and style are available without any difficulty. A lot depends on the usability of an organisation or individual to either pick commercial roller doors or commercial sectional garage doors.

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