Why Summer Time Is the Perfect Opportunity for Tree Care


After a long and harsh winter, summer is what we are all waiting for– the beautiful sunny days and warm evenings spent in our backyards. This is the time where we spend the most time outdoors.

Welook forward to the summer all year long, but what about our plants?

Do they wait for it like we do? Some trees thrive in the summer – green leaves, colourful flowers and fruits. They welcome the summer with open branches. Summer is the right time for trees to acquire a summer glow, but we cannot forget that summer is also the time of extreme heat, and sometimes even drought.

Just like we need sunscreen and a lot of water to protect ourselves during summer, you need to take time to protect your trees.

Here’s why summer is the perfect opportunity for tree care:

Summer Time Is the Perfect Opportunity for Tree Care

Most of the Trees Thrive In Summer

When you are pruning in summer, it allows you to remove dead, diseased or damaged branches which is beneficial to the trees.

In no time, your trees will have new leaves and branches,which doesn’t happen in the winter. Which means taking care of trees in winter is much more difficult. Trimming trees in summer can encourage more vigorous growth in trees, which is why it is the perfect season for tree care.

Nurseries Stock Up In Summer

After you have cleaned up your yard by removing all the dead trees and plants, your yard may look a bit empty. So, summer is the right time to bring new members of your plant family, into your yard.

Also,during the warmer season’s nurseries are stocked with new plants so you can have an abundance of choices when you shop for trees.

Flower Buds Are Protected

If you have spring bloomers at your home, then the best time to prune them is in the summer, after they have finished blooming. By doing this, you are protecting their flowers buds.

If you prune them in the spring or winter, you will remove the buds and decrease the number of flowers they have.

Days Are Longer

Summer is the time when we can finally finish all of our pending outdoor work. Long summer days are the perfect way to boost your productivity. More sunlight means waking up earlier and working more efficiently.

In winters, the day are short, and you might not be able to complete all the work within the span of daylight.

However, no matter what season it is, you have to be very cautious when taking care of your trees. From watering to trimming, you need to be sure you are doing it correctly. Over-watering or under-watering can be extremely harmful to trees, especially newly planted trees.If the pruning is done incorrectly, it can cause irreversible stress to the trees.

To be on the safe side, you can hire tree care professionals to the job. They are the experts in their field and cannot go wrong. They exactly know what has to be done with the trees to keep them healthy and thriving all year long.

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