How to Remove Gutter Stripes From Your Gutters


If you’ve taken a look at your gutters recently, you may have noticed a vertical striped pattern along their exterior. Also known as tiger stripes, these gutter stripes form when grime and dirt build up on top of an aluminum gutter. When it rains, this debris runs over the edge and down the gutter, leaving these telltale stripes. It’s important to keep an eye out for these stripes, because they can indicate that you have a clogged gutter that can end up causing water damage to your home.

How to Remove Gutter Stripes From Your Gutters

If your gutter stripes are still relatively light that means it’s early enough that you can probably still remove them yourself with a bit of elbow grease. You’ll want a non-abrasive detergent, ideally one of the ones designed specifically to clean gutters. Chances are you will be able to find one at your local hardware or home improvement store.

It’s important that when choosing a cleaner you find one that’s non-abrasive. Any of the tools you use should be the same — metal brushes and solvents can do more damage to your gutters than the gutter stripes! If you wipe down your gutters whenever you remove debris from them, at least once or twice a year, this can help stop stripes from becoming engrained and difficult to remove. You may have to repeat the cleaning process more than once if you have stubborn stripes.

If your gutter stripes are dark or have resisted a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning then it may be time to consider a professional gutter cleaning service. Professionals know how to quickly remove stripes without damaging your gutters, and can help prevent stripes from occurring in the first place. We know that finding the right gutter contractor can be difficult, so we prepared this guide with tips on how to find a great gutter cleaner in Vancouver and Portland.

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