What Type of Garage Door to Choose for His Business


Protecting your vehicles, goods or industrial products is a priority for your company. Your business involves transporting large quantities of items or simply large items requiring large vehicles or trucks to route them from one point to another. Commercial and industrial garages are designed to safely park, for a relatively long or medium duration, vehicles serving the business activity.

The entrance to the garage is then an essential part of the vehicle parking area and a door is installed taking into account practical and safe considerations. The practical aspect is that the opening and closing system of the Boucherville commercial garage door is as simple as possible. The door must also be compact and avoid impeding any passage of the vehicle when it is in the open position. In the closed position, it must be able to isolate the garage from the outside and let no air, dust, cold or heat and a minimum of noise. Its opening system must also be as easy as possible.

There are several types of garage door. Some doors have a vertical opening. These are for example sectional doors, which can be operated automatically by a motor that controls their movement. The Carignan sectional industrial garage door is not very breathable. However, it is relatively expensive compared to other types of door. The roller doors also have a vertical opening and allow a great saving of space. Their thermal insulation is excellent but their motorization is often noisy.

Non-vertical opening doors fall into several categories. Swinging, tilting and folding doors are three examples. The door Boucherville commercial parking swinging is rare in industrial or commercial but more common in homes. It is cheap but quite bulky at the opening. The swinging Carignan industrial garage door is robust and has an easy opening. It opens inwards, releasing the outdoor space. It needs a space inside to be able to be installed and used. The folding door consists of several panels that fold over themselves when the horizontal opening of the door. When folding, the panels overflow inside the garage but do not overflow outside.

PVC remains the most common material for making a garage door for its affordability and lightness. For more strength but keeping the light side, aluminum is one of the favorite choices. Otherwise, there are steel doors or steel and aluminum combinations.

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